How to Hide WhatsApp Images & Videos from Gallery

WhatsApp is a most popular messaging app for Smartphones. As we all know WhatsApp is providing services of sharing Images, Videos, Audios and much more with your contacts. When you download any media from WhatsApp it can be see into Android Gallery. This will let everyone who got their hands on your mobile to view your picture and video messages. Of-course, there is an app to lock whatsapp with a password, which can be found on the PlayStore for free. However, doing so will not be always ideal, as you may hurt your friends’ feelings. In such cases, the following trick will come handy.

Instead of protecting your WhatsApp with a secure password, you can easily hide Whatsapp images/videos from showing up in the Gallery. Since, your friends will only look up for the media files using the Gallery, they won't find any of your WhatsApp files and that safeguards your privacy.

How to Hide WhatsApp Images & Videos in Gallery?

The process differs from iOS to Android and so I've enclosed the details for both the mobile platforms. Go ahead and make your WhatsApp images/videos disappear from the Gallery.

For iOS Users :

If you are iPhone user then hide WhatsApp images by going to your privacy setting > photos > turn WhatsApp off.
Hide WhatsApp Images & Videos in iOS

For Android OS Users :

The steps for hiding WhatsApp media files from your Android phone’s Gallery is slightly different from the iOS users. Unlike the iPhone users, the Android mobile users don’t have any direct option to do so.
Hide WhatsApp Images & Videos from Gallery in Android

Of-course, there is always a workaround for every such problem.

  1. On your Android mobile, open any File Manager application like ES File Explorer (recommended).
  2. Go to SD Card > WhatsApp > Media.
  3. In the 'Media' folder, you'll find all your WhatsApp media files like audio messages, videos, images, voice calls etc... Now, tap on the folder named 'WhatsApp Images' for a few seconds, which then brings you a pop-up with some options. Select 'rename' and insert a ‘.’ (dot) in front of the folder's name. It now looks like: .WhatsApp Images
  4. Similarly, perform the same action for the 'WhatsApp video' folder.

Your WhatsApp images and videos will now be completely hidden from your mobile phone's gallery. In case, you wanted to revert the changes, simply remove the dot (.) before the folder's name

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  1. It's working to me. I can leave my phone my anywhere in my home without any fears. Now, No one now sees my WhatsApp gallery. Thanks.