Top 5 Most Lightest and Fastest Launchers For Android Phones

As we all know Android launchers can make our Android phone more beautiful, stylish and customizable but did you know that size of a launcher can effect on the performance of your device ? Yes, you've read right ! That if you are using a launcher which occupies more memory than it will consume more RAM memory and it will cause lags to your android device. So, What to do for making it faster, better and beautiful ? Nothing tricky just replace your giant launcher with the lightweight launcher and feel the fastness of your android.

Below are the best top free 5 android light and fast android launchers which you can use to make your android phone beautiful as well as increase some speed of it.

Lightest and Fastest Launchers For Android Phones

5 Most Lightest and Fastest Launchers

1. Zeam Launcher :

Zeam Launcher is one of the legendary lightweight and faster launchers but sadly this app is no longer under development. I think it is the fastest and most lightweight Android Launcher since its of only 388 kilobytes ! At this small size its cool features like vertical app drawler scrolling, various doc bar backgrounds, item spacings are really good. I personally recommend this launcher if you are searching for a Simple, Fast and lightweight Android launcher.
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2. Holo Launcher :

This is one of the best, fast , light weight and great android launchers I have ever used.If you are struggling with low ram and less resources then you should not think twice.Holo launcher gives you speed , reliability and a faster user interface.It will occupy less than 1 MB disk space on your phone.The great part is that no matter which version of android you are on.It will always support your android.Either if you are on 2.2 froyo or 4.2 jelly bean.Holo launcher is there to speed up your smartphone.The features which intrigued me the most was infinite scrolling, faster UI ,smoothness of the layout and most of all ,the overall performance.This is a free launcher you get from PlayStore easily.

3. Smart Launcher 2 :

After getting the great appreciation for Smart Launcher,GinLemon (Who developed this launcher) updated smart launcher to Smart Launcher 2 with it awesome features. Smart launcher 2 really works smartly to serve you best user interface. It is not like any other launcher, It has been written from scratch. There is a flower which will give you fast access to apps which you are using frequently. Beside this Smart Launcher 2 support Nova and Apex launcher's icon sets, So there is not issues for customization. Smart launcher can be use to every android device no matter it is Phone or Tablet.

4. ADW Launcher :

One of the best and the oldest used launchers in Android. ADW Launcher most probably the fastest and best working launcher in my case. I have used ADW launcher and it was the best.It was beautiful. The UI was great.The look and feel was amazing. And best of all.My phone was not slowing me down. It was actually speeding up.ADW launcher is a free app in the Google’s playstore and you get many features enclosed with in a single application.You get thousands of skins and themes, gesture operations to get things done fastly.More speed and less using hanging up the phone.Light features and great experience.This is a must have app for android users. Great customization tweak for android.
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5. Mi Launcher :

MiLauncher is a great lightweight and fast android launcher for android OS . It is developed from the famous Mi OS .Instead of installing the whole custom rom to get speed ,you can just install the Mi Launcher and enjoy. It’s totally free.Also Mi Launcher is beautiful and stylish too.It has a very light-weight UI so it won’t take more ram.You can customize it according to your need. With in the launcher you get many customization features. It also has its own Mi Store where you can get thousands of themes waiting to be applied on your phone. And one more thing. Your android phone will behave like iOS .With ios transitions and UI you will get a new look and feel like iOS on your android device. I was very fond of this launcher and also installed its custom rom. You can get mi launcher free from the official Google’s PlayStore.


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