Why to Root your Android - 10 Reasons

Rooting your Android phone enables you to use the superuser, or root, permissions of the Linux-based operating system (OS). This gives you and apps that take advantage of the root permissions more control over the Android operating system and the device. Rooting can be entertaining for techies, but there are also plenty of practical benefits.

Keep in mind, there are numerous phone models out there that use the Android operating system. When I say Android phone in this article, I mean any phone manufacturer/model that uses the operating system; it doesn’t have to be labeled an “Android phone”.

Why to Root your Android

Unlike jailbreaking (equivalent to rooting) an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad, you can search for and download apps that require rooting directly from the official Android Market. The official market is generally more secure and contains less malware than some other third-party markets and other websites.
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10 Reasons to Root Your Device

  • A whole new world of apps
  • Customize like never before
  • Performance beyond all limits
  • No more problems with the battery
  • Automate everything (Tasker)
  • Flash custom ROMs
  • Block advertising (AdBlock Plus)
  • Perform full backups (Titanium Backup Root)
  • Access features from other phones
  • Become the master of your universe

 The best thing about rooting is that if at any time you decide you'd prefer to go on as before, before you got root permission, you can do this in a snap. This means you can return to the original firmware of your device and, in most cases, also restore your warranty (with a little smoke and mirrors). All of this can be achieved through the use of a special tool kit or just by reflashing the original firmware with Odin or another flash tool. So that completes the circle! If these reasons have convinced you that root is for you, first: read, read, read some more. Knowledge is power: that's the best way to avoid any hiccups!


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