Best 5 Android Camera Apps for Photography

Amateur photography is a huge deal these days. There are people who make a living off of taking photos with their iPhone camera. Stock camera apps work pretty well most of the time and give you access to exclusive features on that phone (such as HTC Zoe or Samsung’s Drama Shot). However, sometimes you want something a little different or a little unique. That’s when you want to take a look at the best camera apps for Android and that’s what we’re going to do right now.

there is a bunch of application on the Google Play store to help you take your photos to the next level. MORE SETTINGS, MORE EFFECTS, MORE TWEAKS Even if your phone has a great camera app (we’re particularly fond of the HTC One M8's rich and intuitive camera interface), we encourage you to try some of these apps below that will still offer new settings and options.

We've picked out only the very best Android photography apps right below, but feel free to also share your favourites in the comments section.

Best 5 Android Camera Apps

1. U Camera (Ultra Camera)

And here comes the best camera app for the Android phones and its UCam or you can say Ultra Camera. This app will provide you the almost all exposure controls and the functions that you will need to take a photograph like a professional. You can shoot videos, take a panorama, can make a college, can set exposure values, can apply the various exposure presets much more things! The list of its features is very huge so I can't write here all the features of Ultra camera but all I can say is its the best Android camera app that I ever used.
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2. Camera MX

First on our list of best camera apps for Android is called Camera MX. When compared to the other apps on the list, it’s pretty run of the mill. When compared to the rest, it’s actually quite good. It doesn’t necessarily have the feature set that a professional might be looking for, but if you’re a hobbyist or you really enjoy sharing pictures via Google+ or Instagram, then Camera MX is more than good enough.

3. Google Camera

Don't knock the Google Camera app just because it comes stock on some devices, as the Google Camera comes with an easy to use layout and some decent shooting modes and photo aids. The app comes with touch to focus, as well as grid overlays, a timer, an HDR setting, as well as photo sphere, panoramic mode, lens blur and video capture. Android Wear support also allows you to control the camera app remotely, allowing you to set up your phone camera for a stable shot, and then step into the frame.

4. Camera Zoom FX ($2.99)

Camera Zoom FX is next on our best camera apps for Android. Unlike Camera MX, and most of the other apps on this list, Camera Zoom FX takes a different approach to using filters and effects. Instead of applying any number of pre-made filters and effects, Camera Zoom FX allows users to choose multiple effects to create their own filter. If you’re feeling a little lazy, there are some pre-made ones to choose from. It’s highly functional and popular. There are also no in app purchases with this one.
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5. Camera 360 Ultimate

Camera 360 Ultimate comes loaded with numerous features, filters and shot modes, providing users with numerous quick-fire tools for sprucing up their shots. The basic "Effect Camera" allows you to apply a variety of filters and special effects, with special shooting modes such as a tilt-shift camera, a posterizer with numerous templates, and more providing users with numerous shooting options. Of special note to selfie addicts is a dedicated "Selfie Camera" mode that comes with numerous preset enhancements for bringing out skin tone and visual ambiance to give you exactly the look and feel you want for your next self-portrait.


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