Best 5 Music Player Apps for Android Smartphones and Tablets

Music is an integral part of our life and today, we love listening to our favourite music on the go, thanks to our smartphones. Smartphones and tablets have discarded the need of a dedicated music player from our life. While we love to listen to our favourite music on our Android devices, we do need a sleek music player for our Android smartphone or tablet. While the stock music player on Android is good and simple, we do feel the need of a more advanced and cooler music player. Thankfully, Android has a plethora of music player apps from various developers on the Google Play Store.

Right now, Android smartphones can be considered the world's most popular music players (since Android has been the dominant smartphone platform for years). Thus, it is no wonder that there's a myriad of music player apps for Android.
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So as I said earlier this article is about the music apps so without wasting more time let's straightly go forward to the Top 5 best music player apps that you must try on your android phone or tablet if you are a real music lover!

Best 5 Music Player Apps for Android

Best 5 Music Player Apps

1. Equalizer+

As its name suggests, Equalizer+ is both a music player, and a pretty capable frequency equalizer. The app allows you to control 5 band frequencies, and save up to 10 custom presets. The basic version of Equalizer+ is free, but you can also get the Pro version, which includes extra features like Bass Boost, Fade, and dual screen equalizers.

2. Shuttle Music Player

You might not have heard of Shuttle but it’s certainly one of the premium music player apps on the Google Play Store. Shuttle Music Player is a sleek app with a simple interface. What Shuttle may lack in features, it makes it up with its performance and it arguably has the best interface among  all music players.

The Shuttle Music Player also has a pretty rich feature list including gap-less playback, lyrics support, theme support, sleep timer and more.

3. n7player Music Player

n7player is really a very unique music player with an advanced equalizer and one of a kind interface as they are saying in its app description. Similarly like jetAudio basic music player it also has 10-band equalizer, separate bass & treble, 3D sounds effects, playlist manager, sleep timer and much more interesting & useful features. You can change the skin of your player by just downloading the various skins available on the Google play and most of them are for free! and if you have some basic skills then you can create your own skin too.

4. jetAudio

jetAudio supports almost any type of digital music file you may own, while offering graphic equalizers, and sound effect plug-ins (though these are available only as in-app purchases). Other features include shake to play next/previous, automatic gain control (avoids volume fluctuations between songs), playback speed control, and much more. jetAudio Basic is free, while jetAudio Plus costs $3.99.

5. DoubleTwist Music Player

The DoubleTwist Music Player is a very popular music player on the Play Store, thanks to its syncing abilities with iTunes and podcast managing abilities. The DoubleTwist Music Player has a simple interface and it is one of the highest rated apps on the Play Store.

Along with the usual features we’ve come to expect from premium music players, DoubleTwist brings Magic Radio, a cool new music subscription service. The app is free but for unlocking premium features, you’ll have to make some in-app purchases. There’s an other way as well if you buy the Magic radio subscription, you will have access to the premium features as well.


  1. Replies
    1. Interface of PowerAmp is really awesome. But from the side of quality these 5 especially Equilizer+ is much better. You should try it and then tell me which one is better.

  2. I like the 2 Folder Player Apps. Start em up and let them run through all the music!

  3. I use n7player and like it. I use to like and use WinAmp but it isn't available anymore

    1. You can download winamp by google search or try Equilizer+.