How to Change Boot Animation of your Android device

The great thing about Android is the vast possibilities when it comes to customization. When you root, you open up even more options for customization. One of those options is changing your boot animation. Why have the same stock boot animation as everyone else? You can find a vast selection of custom boot animations from simple graphic animations to animations that make your phone feel retro or pay homage to another device like a Playstation 2.

Changing Boot Animation on Android with App

We are going to be using an app called Boot Animations that will help us change the boot animation on our Android device easily.

  1.  Head over to the Google Play store and install the Boot Animations app on your device.
  2.  Launch the app on your device.
  3.  When the app launches, tap on the “Server” section if you are not already there. This is where all the boot animations are available for you to install. Just tap on any boot animation on the list.
  4. A menu should pop up with a couple of options for you to choose from. Tap the first one that says “Install”. It will install the boot animation on your device.
  5.  Sit back and relax, as the app will now automatically download and install the selected boot animation.
  6.  When it is done installing it, restart your device to see the changes.

Change Boot Animation of your Android device

Changing Boot Animation on Android Manually

Well this second method is little bit tricky but will surely help you out if you are not able to customize your boot animation using the above method.
  1. Install any free File Manager application, just making a search for Xplore or something else that works best for you.
  2. Now navigate to /system/media and search for the original file that will be present there.
  3. Now just press and hold on the file for little and choose Rename option, now simple rename the file as "bootanimation.zip1"
  4. Now you need to copy the downloaded file to /system/media and then you need to make sure that the file name is for it to work perfectly.
  5. android-file-permissionsNow once again press and hold on this new copied file and choose permissions and then make sure it looks something like on the right.
  6. So now after you have check marked the appropriate options simply press OK.
  7. That's it now you can reboot your phone and simply restart it again to see the customized animation live.
After the boot animation has been installed, reboot your Android device to enjoy your new boot animation.


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