Top 5 Best QR Code/Barcode Reader-Scanner

Right now, QR Code is really so popular. Maybe you can find it in the corner of a TV show, a street, a shop store, an outdoor ads or even on somebody's neck. At first, we should know that QR codes are used to reveal more information about a product, service, event or person. Generally, they direct the scanning device to a special URL, video, coupon, event page, email address, or other digital signpost with more details and content. If you are interested in the QR Code and really want to know what exactly hide in it, a QR scanner app is necessary to you! And today I will introduce you 5 best free QR Code scanner for Android.

5 Best QR Code Reader

1. QR Droid

Use your camera to scan a QR code in a magazine and watch a video immediately! Create a code from a Contact or Bookmark in your phone, let a friend scan it & get your info transferred!


  • Scan any QR code from your camera, browser, SD card, or image.
  • Create QR codes in less than a second from your contacts, bookmarks, and installed applications.
  • Use codes for calendar events, phone numbers, geo-locations, SMS text messages, emails, websites, video... or any block of text that you want.
  • Give codes any color, categorize by color, and create short URLs for your generated images.
  • Share installed apps with others by generating QR links.
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2. RedLaser Barcode & QR Scanner

RedLaser is much more than just a barcode scanning app, it’s a way of shopping online (and off) smarter and getting the best deal that you can. Scanning a barcode is just the beginning here as this will search the internet for better deals than the price you probably have in front of you and while it perhaps isn’t the best feature comparison app out there, being able to scan a code is much easier. You can even look for nearby stores as well as just buying online, which is pretty handy as well.

3. Barcode Scanner

Barcode Scanner Android App is great! It allows you to scan most product bar codes in 1D (UPC, EAN, etc.) and 2D formats (QR Code) to search Google for product results. You can even search for words in a book when using this app.

The cool thing about scanning QR Codes is the wealth of information and many applicable uses in the tiny cryptic messages. QR Codes can store calendar events, contact information, email addresses, Geo location, phone numbers, SMS text messages, plain text, and URLs.

4. I-Nigma Barcode Scanner 

I-nigma barcode scanner converts your phone's camera to the unique QR code scanner and its quick and accurate. It can scan QR, DataMatrix and UPC/EAN (a.k.a. "Supermarket") codes. It can also scan colored and creative codes. It can scan memory card barcodes, contacts barcodes and also scan location based map barcodes.

Allover its a good, fast and accurate app for scanning QR codes, It is rated average 4.4 star on Google play store.

5. QR Code Reader

QR Code Reader from Scan might not have the most original name out there, and it also doesn’t do anything others don’t, but it’s got an ace up its sleeve. It works great on tablets (which is pretty rare for these apps) and you can see a quick and simple history of your scans both on your device, your other device and on the web. Which is perfect for both you intrepid folk that scan every QR code you ever see as well as those of you that use QR Codes for business, which is a fair few of you, I am sure. A decent app that gets the job done, QR Code Reader is easy to use.


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