Best Android Apps and Games for Kids

The smartphone platform in general is aimed at teenagers and adults who own their smartphones. However, the platform is quickly growing into a great place for kids with a selection of apps and games that cater to younger minds along with hardware specifically geared toward kids. In this roundup, we’ll take a look at some of the best Android kids games. It’s important to note that kids can be anywhere from three or four years old to twelve years old so this list may feature games that are too mature or difficult for younger kids or easy for older kids. Please use your best discretion.

Best Android Apps and Games for Kids

Peppa Pig’s apps

Peppa Pig, the pre-school porcine phenomenon, is perfectly suited to mobile devices: the simple artwork and cheerful soundtracks work brilliantly as apps. There’s Peppa Pig’s Golden Boots for feeding ducks and, er, visiting the moon; interactive storybooks such as The Great Egg Hunt; stargazing with Peppa Pig Stars; and drawing with Peppa’s Paintbox. I’ve just introduced my second toddler to the joys of Peppa apps, and it almost makes me feel bad about the bacon sandwich I had for lunch.
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Angry Birds

First up is Angry Birds. This game is a classic with easy controls and an easy premise that makes it perfect for kids. It also helps that there are cartoon graphics, goofy sound effects, and catchy music. There are several Angry Birds games and each one has hundreds of levels. They’re all free as well so you can get every version and your kid will grow bored with the games long before they ever actually finish all of them. Rovio, developers of Angry Birds, also have an RPG, a racing game, a puzzle game, and a side scrolling shooter that round out a very large and diverse Angry Birds portfolio. You can get all of those for free as well just watch out for those in app purchases.

PicsArt Kids (Free / $1.99)

PicsArt Kids serves as a great drawing and doodling app for you and your young kids to play with. The app is loaded with activities for kids and their parents to enjoy together, such as a coloring book mode with dozens of templates for you to color in, a blank canvas for you to draw and paint on, and a learning mode filled with mazes shapes and scenes that you can add onto. The app has a variety of simple brushes and colors for you to play with, and when you're done with your creations, you can save them into a gallery that you and your kids can keep and enjoy. The premium version removes ads.

Piano for kids

Piano for kids is a program for kids designed to introduce them to the world of music, offering many fun songs with texts. This application has very nice, colorful and fun graphics. This app provides a nice way to introduce the little ones into the world of music and snatch them from the clutches of some mediocre pop singer in vogue at the time.
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Explorium: Ocean For Kids

Explorium: Ocean for Kids is a kids game where your kid plays as two other kids who are exploring the ocean looking for Atlantis. Along the way they learn about the ocean and its many creatures. It comes complete with the game itself along with a small assortment of facts about marine life. There is even a mode where parents can play with their kids. There are no in app purchases, advertising, or social media links which makes it totally kid safe.


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