Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Essential Tips and Tricks

Samsung’s Galaxy Note series of Huge-sized smartphones is one of the most popular and loved Android phones on the market. The Note 5 is the latest edition in the series, and it continues to bring amazing power and functionality in a brand new design made of premium materials. Plenty of people will be new to the device and all its features, that’s why we created this series of articles for the Note 5 to show you how to use both some of the basic functions, as well as a ton of cool new features.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Screenshot with the Samsung Galaxy Note 5

One of the most common questions people ask when they get a new phone is “how do I take a screenshot?” There are two ways to do it with most Samsung devices.

  • Press and hold the Home and Power buttons simultaneously
  • Swipe your palm across the entire display to take a screenshot (enable this Settings > Motions and gestures)
  • In the “Gestures & S Pen” section there is a way to screenshot long pages

Once a screenshot is taken you will see it in your notification bar. From there you can share or edit it to your hearts content.
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Camera Settings

The Note 5 has a pretty great camera, and while you can simply press the home button twice and start taking photos, there's a good group of settings that are worth looking at before you take too many shots. Open up your camera and press the settings icon (looks like a gear) to find some of them. Important settings to check out are grid lines, location tags and quick launch (which is on by default). Back in the main camera interface, you'll find more common settings, like picture size, flash and HDR in the sidebar. We recommend turning HDR to "auto" and leaving the flash off.

On the video side of things, the Note 5 is capable of 4K video but is set to 1080p by default in the settings menu. This is done because most of the extra features are disabled when shooting in 4K. If you want to keep HDR video, video effects, software stabilization, pictures while taking video and tracking autofocus, leave the phone in 1080p recording.

Once you have the camera settings tweaked just how you like them, you can know that the next time you quickly launch the camera you'll be taking just the right photo or video.

Improved S Pen

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 s pen

The S Pen that accompanies the Galaxy Note has learned a few new tricks, most significantly the ability to start jotting down notes without even unlocking the Note 5. Samsung calls this feature the Screen-Off Memo mode; all you have to do is eject the stylus by pressing its top, and you can start writing out notes that are automatically added to the S Note app when you save them. Screen-Off Memo is certainly the highlight of the S Pen, which has been designed to feel more like an actual pen, but it’s not the only new capability. Other features include the ability to immediately sign PDFs and easier access to the Galaxy Note’s Air Command menu.

Synching, security & shopping

SideSync is a little-known feature of the Note5, which offers both wireless and wired PC-smartphone integration for a seamless connection of data across these devices.
On an unrelated note, Samsung’s latest features enhanced security features with out-of-the-box KNOX Active Protection and a customizable My KNOX app to further protect sensitive personal and professional data – addressing one of the main issues associated with Android.

Speaking of security, Galaxy Note5 is also ready for Samsung Pay – a safe, simple, and “virtually anywhere” mobile payment service that launched in Korea last week, and slated for debut in the U.S. in September. Protected by Samsung’s KNOX technology, as well as fingerprint verification and digital tokenization, Samsung Pay works with both MST (Magnetic Secure Transmission) and NFC (Near Field Communication) technologies.

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Use handwriting on the keyboard

One of the best uses for the S Pen is to write notes by hand. Some people just prefer the feeling of writing something out with a “pen.” You can even use handwriting in apps that don’t support it by using the Samsung keyboard.

  • Go to Settings > Language and input
  • Tap on Samsung keyboard
  • Scroll all the way down and enable Pen detection

Now, the handwriting pad will be shown instead of the QWERTY keyboard when the S Pen is detected.


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