Best Alternative Keyboard Apps for Android Smartphone

It is needless to say that a key board of a smart phone plays very important role. If the Keyboard is not good, it is like jumping into the sea without a life guard. If we look at the security point , you should go for a useful Keyboard app because they are of nature key loggers. You should be rest assured about the text, password or emails that you type on your phone because mostly they are hacked by various ways . There are good number of keyboard apps, each one have its own features, followings and flaws. They are actually simplistic and also bleeding-edge keyboards. The list of their features is very long as compared to the keyboard of a smart phone. Here we are giving the details of few ones, from where you can choose as per your taste and lifestyle.

Keyboard Apps for Android Smartphone

SwiftKey Keyboard 

SwiftKey has come a long way and has held the title of Android’s best selling keyboard for several years. Fortunately, now it’s available for free and has truly evolved into an intelligent keyboard fit to be on a smartphone. The best feature of SwiftKey was it’s prediction feature, really taking the work out of typing by learning your style, use of words and sentence construction to suggest words you naturally type.
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However, then came along the flow feature, inspired by Swype, which took the keyboard to a whole new level for me. To be honest, texting and emailing from my Android phone was never faster. Once you download and set it up, you can also go to the themes section to browse a good variety of different skins and color combinations which make it more interesting.

I would like to point out some issues however, such as the keyboard randomly resetting its dictionary. Fortunately, there is a cloud storage option which allows you to sync your keyboard with your account to restore your language data and use it across all your Android devices. I’ve also experienced freezes, slow loading and lagging issues, but overall the keyboard is truly superb and a must if you haven’t tried it as yet.

GO Keyboard

GO Keyboard suffers from the same stigma as other GO products. Some people absolutely love it and some people absolutely hate it. That said, GO keyboard is a fun option if you like your keyboard to look really busy. There are themes galore along with things like emoji support. The only issue is that it is really busy almost to the point of being cartoony. It is free, though, and that’s always a big plus.


Fleksy has become one of the most popular keyboard apps in a very short span of time and deservedly so. Fleksy brings one of the best tap typing experience. It’s sleek and the keyboard looks amazing, thanks to some quirky animations and a ton of themes. Along with looks, the app lets you customize size of the keyboard and its keys. It also packs extensions like Hotkeys, which lets you add a row of symbols or emojis that you use often. Other extensions include invisible keyboard, shortcuts and more.

Fleksy supports GIFs along with hundreds of emojis, fun badges and more. There are also a number of cool gestures for various features like correction, punctuation and more. Fleksy supports a number of languages including the likes of Italian, Indonesian, Russian, Spanish and many more. It also supports the most popular keyboard layouts like QWERTY, AZERTY, QWERTZ, Dvorak and Colemak. The only thing missing here is flow/swipe/gesture typing support but Fleksy’s tap typing is so good that you should be pretty satisfied using it. Moreover, the app is available for free on the Play Store.


If there was an award for best-looking keyboard, Adaptxt would win it hands - or fingers - down. Its spacious and airy layout and translucent graphics make it look and feel like something you'd find on a premium laptop - albeit in a virtual form.

Adaptxt also includes a handful of incredibly useful features. At the time of writing the Olympics are about to begin, and typing sports-related keywords lights a lightbulb icon at the bottom of the screen which takes you straight to the relevant Wikipedia page. There's also an incredibly handy option to post whatever you're writing straight to Twitter or Facebook without having to launch the relevant apps, which is great if you're midway through a witty text or email.
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On top of that there's the ability to remove accents and diacritics, which add extra characters to text messages - something we naively didn't realise.

Adaptxt is an innovative and super-smart keyboard, and one of the best we've come across. There's even a private mode so certain words and phrases won't be stored in its dictionary, making it ideal if you share your phone or tablet with someone else.


This keyboard is a lesser-organized we can say. But there are definitely few useful features which have helped the keyboard to come up fast and get about 10 millions installs. This has also the paid theme features, but you also have the choice and option to upload your background image and make it free of your own.


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