How to Download APK File from Google Play Store

Installing an app for Android means using Google Play for the most part, but the restrictions of the interface can lead to problems, such as erroneous claims concerning device compatibility.

Don’t let these limitations stop you. Download the APK (the installer file, Android’s equivalent of an EXE file on Windows) directly from Google Play (or elsewhere) to get the app sideloaded to your device in minutes.

Sideloading is simple, and means that you copy the APK from your desktop computer to your Android smartphone or tablet before installing it.

Download APK File from Google Play Store
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There are some useful add-ons  and extensions for your browsers to download bulk amount of APK files from Google Play. Add-ons and Extensions are available in Firefox web browser and Chrome browser respectively to ease the some process while surfing the internet. Download the extensions for your browser from the below links to go further into the process.

After you added extensions, go to Apk Downloader options.

Give your mail id and device id to download apk file directly from google play

To get the Device Id of your Android mobile just type this code *#*#8255#*#* and hit dialer.

After dialing, you will get scree named Gtalk Service Monitor. In that screen find “aid” line, mostly that will be on second link find youd Device Id and paste it the extension login details.

If in case you find any difficultly then just download the Evozi’s Device Id from the google play store and use that app to find the Device Id very easily.

Now Login to your   account and start downloading any apk file directly.

APK downloader
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If you're a more casual APK downloader then a Chrome extension is probably not really necessary. Instead, you can just visit a dedicated site for generating APK download links whenever you need to.

  1. First find the app on the Play Store.
  2. Then copy the url.
  3. Paste it to any of the box of these website.
Ex : If you want to download facebook app from play store.
1. Find Facebook app url - "In the url Red Part is Called Package Name.2. Now copy the URL or Package Name.
3. Paste it to the box and Click on Generate Link

Evozi Apk Downloader - Evozi Apk downloader is the first website which i came across which provided the service of directly Downloading Apk files from Google Play Store, And the method to use Evozi Apk Downloader website is very Simple too. - ApkLeecher may be defined as a worthy alternative to Evozi Aok Downloader, it also works in the Same way as that of Evozi, you either have to enter the Package Name, Google Play URL or the App name of the App you want to Download


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