Reduce Data Usage on Android to Cut Down Bill

Mobile data plans are becoming increasingly expensive and a lot of people do not always have access to a Wi-Fi network so how can we combat our insatiable lust to get on the internet and stay within our data allocation? We have made this list of useful tips that can help you save money on mobile data and maximise your internet use on your android smartphone or tablet.

We are still living in a world where all of us are tied up with restricted data usage of 1 GB or to the max 2 GB per month. The data plan we apply will be vanished in no time.

Many of us won’t know how and where it goes and most of us want to restrict / reduce the data using on Android, but don’t know how to reduce it and it this post we will showcase how to reduce the mobile data usage to almost half in just few steps.

Reduce Data Usage on Android
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Shrink Browsing Data Usage

If you are more into browsing than chit-chatting in apps with friends and if you are using Google Chrome for all your web browsing then this tips will help you to save your data up to 30%.

The Data Saver option compresses web pages before loading them in your Chrome browser, significantly reducing the download size. Using Data Saver will slow the things a little bit, but that little bit delay is worth it as you get a much longer data life.

Open your Chrome browser -> click on three dots icon -> then tap on “ Settings “ -> next tap on “ Data Saver “ option -> now “ On “ data saver. That’s it you done.

Opera Max

Google’s data compression feature is awesome and all, but it only works within Chrome. What about all the other apps? They sure are spending a lot of precious internet juice. Those who want system-wide compression can have it with Opera Max, a data management app which comes from a major Chrome competitor – Opera.

This application is pretty awesome, as it essentially does the same as Chrome’s data compression, but for every single app in your smartphone. As a result, the user can save about 50% data on everything they do with their devices.

It is also possible to micro manage consumption by blocking specific apps from accessing data through mobile access (or WiFi, though I don’t see the point in that). The Opera Max home page will then show you a detailed description of how much data you have been saving. Those megabytes sure add up quickly!

Turn off Mobile Data when not in Use

This one is pretty self explanatory. Once you’re not using the Internet actively such as when you’re on the road or sleeping, turn off your data connection. Unless you are expecting an urgent message or email, there’s no reason to keep your data connection on at all times if you’re looking to stay within your data allowance.

Restrict Background Data

The easiest way to save data is to tell your apps (or the Android system itself) to restrict background data. Background data is all that internet traffic that goes on when you're not actually using an app: email syncing, feeds updating, weather widgets and so on.

You can also tell the Android system to restrict background data in Settings > Data usage > Restrict Background Data or for individual apps in Settings > Apps (depending on which version of Android you have). You can also change your sync settings for Google services in Settings > Accounts > Google > select the account and then un-check the services you don't want to sync automatically.
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Use Greenify, if you don't have Android M

App Standby, a new feature only available on Android Marshmallow devices prevents seldom used apps from using your network data, sending you push notifications and draining your battery. This setting is enabled by default on Android M devices, those on an earlier version can install Greenify, which lets you send misbehaving apps on hibernation. 

Stop Videos Auto Play & Auto Download

We know all android users use these two free messaging apps Facebook and Whatsapp- If you have facebook & Whatsapp in your phone, you may be using more data then you realize. If someone on your facebook friends list uploads a video on facebook timeline, you may notice it sometime plays automatically when you scroll past it. So turn off this auto play function to reduce data usage by going to… Facebook Setting > Change Video Auto Play to Off. You can set it to Wi-Fi only. Read Full article

WhatsApp default set auto download media by going to WhatsApp > Setting > Chat Setting > Media Auto download. You will see three options (When using cellular data, when connected on WI-Fi and when roaming. Tick on when connected on WI-Fi to stop download Image, Audio and video auto download on using cellular data.


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