Top 5 Best Android Widgets for Customizing HomeScreen

The widgets plays a vital role in making your android device’s home screen attractive. The does not only makes our phone cool but they also make our work faster by gives us quick details of what we are searching for. For example you do not have to open a new site and then search for news and then read which wastes a lots time. So, if you place a widget on home screen then you will get latest news there easily which will saves your precious time. The widgets are of many type like weather forecast, news, clock and alarm etc. There are many widgets for android devices on play store but which one is best and why ?. Most of them are paid and some of them does not provides all features. The most important thing that RAM consumption by the widgets most of widgets consumes a lost of RAM and makes your android device slower. So widget should be fast and clean with attractive design. So, here we have complied a list of best android widgets according to their features, user interface and their speed.

5 Best Android Widgets

How Long Widget – Time Counter

How Long Widget is all about letting you set a time counter for your homescreen just in case you want to keep track of certain stuff, like how long you’ve been able to go without eating fast food or how long you’ve been champion of your local ping pong league. Just type up your title, set the date and pick a color and font and you’re done.

Transparent Clock & Weather

What we most liked about Transparent Clock & Weather is the fact that it brings a ton of widget designs and that too in a number of sizes, so you will never be out of options. You can fully customize the widget, as there are options to change widget skin, weather icons style, time font and lot more. You can also set-up time & date, weather & location and app notifications.

Along with tons of cool widgets, Transparent Clock & weather also brings a great weather app with features like moon forecast, precipitation, humidity, wind details and more. The app is free but it’s limited when it comes to options and it also includes ads. The premium version remove the ads and includes all the settings.

DashClock Widget

DashClock is having 1 million downloads in google play with average rating of 4.1. DashClock Widget for Android SmartPhone looks simple and cool. But works better for your home screen and lock screen with the best out of it. DashClock becomes one more Best Android Widgets 2016 for Android SmartPhones. Including Missed Calls, Incoming Text Messages Display and Your Calendar appointments are shown on lock screen. Download DashClock Widget for Android SmartPhone if you wish to continue with it’s cool features.

Press (RSS Reader)

Press is the best looking RSS reader on Android. While Press as an app is in maintenance mode, its widget is amazing. You can scroll through headlines and summaries of articles in your RSS feed and refresh all from the widget. Customise the opacity and size, and you have one home screen dedicated to reading through the important news.

HD Widgets

HD Widgets contains a set of widgets that gives a stunning look to your Smartphone’s home screen. This set of widgets includes normal toggles such as WIFI, Bluetooth etc., along with a set of other widgets as well. For the $2 you spend in purchasing this application, what you get is a set of professionally designed, awesome looking and functional set of widgets that will decorate the home screen of your Android Smartphone nicely.


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