Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge Special Tips and Tricks

Samsung’s first sexy smartphone was the Galaxy S6 Edge – one look, and you simply had to have it. Nobody cared that its glass back picked up too many fingerprints, or that it was slippery and desperately fragile. Even Samsung haters who’d scorned the brand in the past lusted after the phone.

The S7 Edge holds the same magnetic power over you from the moment you first lay eyes on it. It looked so damn good pirouetting in a glass case at the press event that I almost forgot why I hate glass-backed phones.

But then I touched it. Its silky glass back was soon marred by a mass of fingerprints, and the spell was broken. If you don’t like fingerprints, you’re going to need to pop a case on it, or carry around a tiny bottle of Windex everywhere. It’s also slippery, so we’d recommend the case, though it’s a crying shame to cover up this gorgeous phone.

S7 and S7 Edge Special Tips and Tricks

Turn off Always on Display

The first method is very simple. Just pull down on the drop down menu twice to access the extended toggle menu (or tap the downward arrow on the top right of the screen after pulling down the first drop menu) and find the Always On Display toggle. Deselect the option to turn it off.
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For the second method, access the Settings panels by selecting the cog in the drop down menu. Then access Display and Wallpaper under the Phone list, then select Always On Display. Deselect the On option to turn it off. Long pressing the Always On Display toggle in the drop down menu will also bring users to this place.

Those who like the Always On Display can also customize the feature from this settings panel. Users can decide what type of content they would like permanently displayed on their Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge screen; choose a style to display that content and a background image. Using only an image for Always On Display appears like a screen saver.

Customise Home Screen and Display

Arranging apps on the Home Screen is nothing new for Android phones but once again let us go over it. Go to the home screen settings by long pressing an empty part of that screen, tap screen grid, and select the 5 x 5 option. Confirm by hitting Apply, and there's more space available for apps and widgets. It is only the space in between that is reduced, not the size of the icons or text in widgets. You can also like always long press on apps to shift them where you want on the home screen and also from the grid menu.

Additionally, you can use Samsung's adaptive display mode which by default comes with vibrant colours, but if you think it is too straining for your eyes and you want a display of calm, natural looking colours then go to Settings>Display option. Then scroll down to find 'Screen Mode', where the AMOLED-photo or Basic settings will give you the best colour reproduction.

Customize Quick Settings 

The top nav bar and the drop down alternatives are not settled and can simply be redone. To do this draw down, the warning shade, tap on the triangle symbol to demonstrate every quick setting. At that point tap on Edit. You can now handicap (or empower) the Quick associate catch.

The top line is the settings and the second column is those that you can swipe to, on a level plane. So for those components which you need direct access to like the light, put your finger on its symbol and drag it to the top columns. Continue rehashing until your quick settings mirror your modified inclination.
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Disable Flipboard Briefing

This is only for the countries that have the feature as Samsung has done away with the Flipboard Briefing screen that clogged up TouchWiz on previous Galaxy phones. For those where the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge come equipped with a Flipboard Briefing screen it can be disabled. To do this, place your finger on an empty bit of home screen to enter its settings. Swipe to the Flipboard screen and hit the switch to the top right to disable the entire section.

Samsung has revealed its new flagship smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S7, at this year's Mobile World Congress. While on the outside it looks very similar to its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy S6, the Galaxy S7 is packed full of cool new features - making this a very exciting new smartphone.

If you're eager to get hold of the Samsung Galaxy S7 then you don't have too long to wait, with the handset going on sale on March 11.


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