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Top 5 Android 7 Nougat Tips and Tricks You Should Know

The Android Nougat is one of the best updates for Google's Android smartphones. Android Nougat continues to be there for a couple of months now. But, more explicitly, that was a beta version. Now, Google is rolling out the stable version of Android Nougat for their Nexus along with other indigenous devices. In case you have already got Android Nougat or Android 7.0 on your mobile, you might have to be familiar with these tips and tricks to liven up your experience. These subsequent Android Nougat tips and tricks would help you in different ways. Having said that, all of them are free of cost, and they consist of the system itself.
Android 7 Nougat Tips and Tricks

Edit Quick Setting Tiles Even More Easily

Editing Quick Settings tiles is a renowned feature in custom ROMs, since a long time. But officially, it was not possible up till Marshmallow, where it was still only an experimental feature. With Android Nougat, you get the full liberty to edit the tiles directly from the panel itself. So you wouldn’t need to go through the settings to change all that.

Also, Nougat adds some new tiles to the queue, including Invert colours, Data Saver, Cast, Nearby, Show layout bounds, and Profile GPU rendering. To edit, drop down the Quick Settings panel and tap on “EDIT”. The panel will expand, you can drag new tiles, remove old ones, or rearrange them.

Longer battery life

You don’t have to do anything for the new version of Doze to give you better battery life apart from update your phone. Doze reduces the impact that apps not actively running in the foreground have on battery life by working out which ones need to receive updates and use the processor, and which don’t.

Using Marshmallow, that only happened when the phone was not moving around, but now it works even if the phone is in your pocket. It should give you anywhere between 10% and 25% longer battery life, depending on how long you leave the phone in standby.

Multi-window view

The fact that Android 7.0 with a multi-window function and thus introduces a feature, which various manufacturers have already for quite some time in their own adapted Android versions, should be known. This is how you use the function, which can be used on tablets as well as on smartphones: first open an app you want to work with, then tap the Task Switcher or Recents button at the bottom right and then select the second app. To start a new app, tap the Homebutton and simply select the appropriate application. The split screen is pushed aside like a curtain.

Use the small black bar in the middle of the split window to adjust the size of the two windows. A long press on the button terminates the multi-window mode. Optionally, you can also push one of the two app windows to the full display size.

Answer to any message without opening an application

Opening up applications is a bother, however, isn’t that so? Particularly in case you’re amidst a diversion and you get another content, WhatsApp or Facebook Message. Gratefully those irritating mates won’t intrude on your gaming sessions for long on Android 7.0 Nougat.

You can answer to any message coordinate from the warning. No opening the application. No, appear. Simply hit answer, tap your message, press send and after that return to whatever it was which was more essential than opening an application and devoting time to significant associations with genuine individuals.

System UI Tuner

Users can even do more customizations with System UI Tuner. It brings more comprehensive settings and lets you fine tune design elements and some experimental features. To enable this powerful and risky enhancement, swipe down from the screen to open the quick settings>simply tap and hold the settings icon until it starts spinning. You'll receive a confirmation that the feature been activated.

Bonus : More emojis

Everyone loves emoji... probably. There are now 1,500 emoji characters in Android for you to play around with, and 72 new variations added in Nougat (new emoji have to be added at the OS level, no matter what third-party apps or keyboards might try and tell you).

In case you don't know, tap the emoji icons (bottom left then right) on the Google Keyboard to find the colourful icons; press and hold on a picture to see alternatives. Like other Google apps, Google Keyboard is updated separately to the main Android OS.

Top 5 Best Tips and Tricks for Prisma App

Prisma is a photo editing app and Prisma app achieved so much popularity in short time. Prisma app is very popular nowadays because of its unique filters. It converts the photo into artwork using Artificial Intelligence. This app is available on IOS and Android OS. The popularity of this app is increased when it’s available for Android OS. Earlier, this app was only available for IOS users. But now the android version of this app is available in Google Play Store.

Tricks for Prisma App

Remove the Prisma watermark

By default, your images display a small logo at the bottom right. Rest assured, it is easy to disable it. Simply open the Settings menu by pressing the gear icon on the right side of the screen, then disable Add watermark. And it’s gone.

Remove the Prisma watermark

Don’t Use Prisma’s Built-in Camera

Prisma’s built-in camera lacks HDR, night mode, white balance correction and manual mode. All you can do with the Prisma’s camera is turning the flash on or off. So if you really want to create a work of art, you need solid base photos to start with and the only way you can do it is by taking photos through the default camera app which has plenty of features to use. So use the HDR mode, apply some filters and take a good photo to start with.

You can also use third party apps like Camera360 to apply filters to photos. If your camera has the option to take square photos, don’t forget to enable that. As Prisma only accepts square photos, you will get an idea of the frame you’ll get after processing.

Tips to make Prisma Faster

Sometimes Prisma app takes a lot of time to applying filters on an image and this is a major drawback of this app. Your internet connection is also effected on the loading time because images will be uploaded to the server for processing. Here are the tips to make Prisma app faster:

Use WiFi or Fast Data Connection: If your data connection is slow then it takes too long time to process the images and it may show error after some time. So, you need a reliable data connection to use this app.

Do not Minimize the App: When you apply filters or creating artwork, then do not minimize the Prisma app until it completes the process. Because Prisma canceled your process when you minimize the app while creating artwork.

It doesn’t support multi-window: Some android phones have multi windows feature, but Prisma app doesn’t support multi window. So, you need to wait until it finished the process.

Maximum Intensity Does Not Always Mean the Best

After a filter is applied on Prisma, it’s applied with 100% intensity by default. But it’s not need all the time. Sometimes you like it or may not. Here there is a chance to change the maximum intensity by swiping left or right on the photos to increase or decrease the intensity of the filters. Sometimes its better if the photo has lower intensity and somewhat high in sometimes. So set the intensity as much as you want. This is the second most prisma tips and tricks. You can enjoy the features by prisma download only.

Apply Filter on Full-Size Images

Prisma only supports images in 1:1 ratio, so you need to crop your full sized images. This is quite annoying when you can’t fit all the awesomeness in the 1:1 format. So, you have to squarify your image before uploading to Prisma servers.

Best Hidden WhatsApp Tips and Tricks for PC and Android WhatsApp Users

There's always a bit of a learning curve when it comes to mastering new apps and WhatsApp is no different. It's wickedly popular (it recently hit a billion users) and extremely easy to get started using right away, but the messenger does have a few quirks that aren't immediately obvious at first. There are also a few hidden features that aren't the simplest to enable.

If you have some patience and the willingness to tinker however, we're sure that anybody can figure out WhatsApp in no time but we thought we'd make it a little easier.

We've gone over everything you could possibly want to know about WhatsApp, from how exactly the app works to tips and tricks every user should keep at their disposal.

WhatsApp Tips and Tricks

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Stop WhatsApp images appearing in Gallery

If your friends send you loads of stupid pictures on WhatsApp, and you don't want them mixed in with all your amazing photos, it is possible to keep WhatsApp images separate so they don't appear in your camera roll.
  • Download a file explorer, such as ES File Explorer
  • Navigate to sdcard/WhatsApp/Media
  • Enter the folder you don't want shared (in this case, WhatsApp Images)
  • Tap the plus button at the bottom of the screen
  • Name the new folder .nomedia

That should stop any media in that folder from showing up in your camera roll.

Spy and Investigate Conversation of Ones Friend

Is it feasible to Spy straight into Whatsapp conversation in the your close close friends and read their conversation? Yes, it will be possible and i’ll explain you relating to this awesome trick through which you'll spy your close friends conversation. Just comply with the below stated steps.

  • Firstly, you want to do is, go to the MicroSD card and then go through the Whatsapp and down the road on the Repository option.
  • Immediately after that you are done with step one you’ll get two files including, msgstore-yyyy.. dd.. db. crypt
  • msgstore. db. crypt
  • After finding these files, you must do is take these files from the friends mobile and then you can be easily able you just read their conversations they have done with their friends. You can open them employing a simple text publisher.

Backup And Restore WhatsApp Chats

WhatsApp makes automatic backups of your chats, but you can also make a manual backup.

On Android, just go into Settings > Chat settings and tap Backup conversations to create a backup. This won’t backup your media, so you’ll need to use a file manager to copy the media folders in /sdcard/WhatsApp/Media.

There’s no way to restore chats directly from WhatsApp, so if you want to restore a backup you’re going to have to uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp. When you start WhatsApp after the reinstall, you should be prompted to restore your most recent backup. Just follow the procedure and your chats should all be back.

WhatsApp trick to hide your Profile Picture

If you don’t want to share your Profile picture with your friends then you can hide it, this feature is available with the latest version of WhatsApp now. If you want to hide your Profile Picture then go to Settings and click Account Privacy option and select Profile Photo and choose Nobody option if you really want to hide your profile picture from other Whatsapp users and also from hackers. Follow this this simple tip to hide your profile picture.

Secure /Lock Your WhatsApp

Everybody, at some position or another, has probably had to manage friends or family going for a sneak peek with their WhatsApp announcements. Thankfully, if you’re employing WhatsApp on Android os or BlackBerry, there are apps that will help secure your WhatsApp coming from prying eyes.

In the event you’re using Android os, there’s WhatsApp Secure, while BlackBerry users may wish to check out Secure for WhatsApp.
Basically, both of these types of apps work in the same way: when you have tried them, WhatsApp will be protected by way of PIN (in the truth of WhatsLock) or a password (in the truth of Lock pertaining to WhatsApp). Either technique, once you have things build, the people about you shouldn’t be capable of take a sneak peek for your WhatsApp any extended.

Reduce Data Usage on Android to Cut Down Bill

Mobile data plans are becoming increasingly expensive and a lot of people do not always have access to a Wi-Fi network so how can we combat our insatiable lust to get on the internet and stay within our data allocation? We have made this list of useful tips that can help you save money on mobile data and maximise your internet use on your android smartphone or tablet.

We are still living in a world where all of us are tied up with restricted data usage of 1 GB or to the max 2 GB per month. The data plan we apply will be vanished in no time.

Many of us won’t know how and where it goes and most of us want to restrict / reduce the data using on Android, but don’t know how to reduce it and it this post we will showcase how to reduce the mobile data usage to almost half in just few steps.

Reduce Data Usage on Android
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Shrink Browsing Data Usage

If you are more into browsing than chit-chatting in apps with friends and if you are using Google Chrome for all your web browsing then this tips will help you to save your data up to 30%.

The Data Saver option compresses web pages before loading them in your Chrome browser, significantly reducing the download size. Using Data Saver will slow the things a little bit, but that little bit delay is worth it as you get a much longer data life.

Open your Chrome browser -> click on three dots icon -> then tap on “ Settings “ -> next tap on “ Data Saver “ option -> now “ On “ data saver. That’s it you done.

Opera Max

Google’s data compression feature is awesome and all, but it only works within Chrome. What about all the other apps? They sure are spending a lot of precious internet juice. Those who want system-wide compression can have it with Opera Max, a data management app which comes from a major Chrome competitor – Opera.

This application is pretty awesome, as it essentially does the same as Chrome’s data compression, but for every single app in your smartphone. As a result, the user can save about 50% data on everything they do with their devices.

It is also possible to micro manage consumption by blocking specific apps from accessing data through mobile access (or WiFi, though I don’t see the point in that). The Opera Max home page will then show you a detailed description of how much data you have been saving. Those megabytes sure add up quickly!

Turn off Mobile Data when not in Use

This one is pretty self explanatory. Once you’re not using the Internet actively such as when you’re on the road or sleeping, turn off your data connection. Unless you are expecting an urgent message or email, there’s no reason to keep your data connection on at all times if you’re looking to stay within your data allowance.

Restrict Background Data

The easiest way to save data is to tell your apps (or the Android system itself) to restrict background data. Background data is all that internet traffic that goes on when you're not actually using an app: email syncing, feeds updating, weather widgets and so on.

You can also tell the Android system to restrict background data in Settings > Data usage > Restrict Background Data or for individual apps in Settings > Apps (depending on which version of Android you have). You can also change your sync settings for Google services in Settings > Accounts > Google > select the account and then un-check the services you don't want to sync automatically.
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Use Greenify, if you don't have Android M

App Standby, a new feature only available on Android Marshmallow devices prevents seldom used apps from using your network data, sending you push notifications and draining your battery. This setting is enabled by default on Android M devices, those on an earlier version can install Greenify, which lets you send misbehaving apps on hibernation. 

Stop Videos Auto Play & Auto Download

We know all android users use these two free messaging apps Facebook and Whatsapp- If you have facebook & Whatsapp in your phone, you may be using more data then you realize. If someone on your facebook friends list uploads a video on facebook timeline, you may notice it sometime plays automatically when you scroll past it. So turn off this auto play function to reduce data usage by going to… Facebook Setting > Change Video Auto Play to Off. You can set it to Wi-Fi only. Read Full article

WhatsApp default set auto download media by going to WhatsApp > Setting > Chat Setting > Media Auto download. You will see three options (When using cellular data, when connected on WI-Fi and when roaming. Tick on when connected on WI-Fi to stop download Image, Audio and video auto download on using cellular data.

Useful Secret Features of Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Google announced it on 28th May and has finally unveiled Android 6.0 marshmallow. 6.0 Marshmallow was first launched only for google devices like Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P. As the parent company for nexus phones, Google reserves the right to launch all new advancements for its primary users first. However, it is finally in the process of being gradually rolled out

Android marshmallow features have been changed / upgraded in many ways from the previous android lollipop. For example – you can now uninstall unwanted apps directly from your home screen. You have to simply keep your fingers placed on the app, wait for the uninstall icon to appear and drag and drop your app into the trash. You can also activate developer mode in some phones with a few simple steps; Go to Settings > About Phone and tap at least seven times until you see a screen pop up that show you that now you are in Developer Mode.

Features of Android 6.0

Access Built-in File Manager

Stock Android has been panned for not featuring a file manager but Android 6.0 Marshmallow comes with one, although it’s hidden deep inside the settings. To access the file manager on Android 6.0, go to Settings->Storage & USB->Internal storage and scroll down and tap “Explore“.

The built-in file manager is pretty basic with the usual features like copy, move, delete etc. If you don’t want a third party file manager app, this should work just fine.

Play Android Marshmallow Easter Egg

Like last year’s Lollipop Easter Egg, the Marshmallow Easter egg is a Flappy Bird lookalike. This time, though, Google has added a multiplayer feature. To open it, go to Settings -> About Phone. Then tap the Android version repeatedly until you see the Marshmallow (M) icon appear in the center of the screen. Tap on the “M” logo to turn it into a Marshmallow with antenna. Then press and hold on the Marshmallow until the game screen loads.

Direct Sharing

You’re likely already familiar with Android’s sharing menu, one in which you can can share information from one app with a number of different apps. With Marshmallow, Google has implemented the ability to use this same sharing menu to share content with other people. This means if you want to send a picture to a friend, you merely tap Share while looking at the picture and select your friend’s Hangout conversation to do so. This is much easier than sharing it via the official Hangouts app. Sadly, there are no apps that currently support the feature, but we expect developers to jump on board quickly.

Android marshmallow features

Doze mode

Doze is Android Marshmallow’s new battery-saving feature and extends your smartphone’s battery life by ‘dozing’ you device when the system senses it has been idle or physically stationary for an extended time.

In a ‘dozed’ state, you won’t receive any notifications unless an app, like Gmail or Hangouts, is specifically configured by an app developer to ignore Doze mode.

However, if you have key apps you want to keep seeing notifications for, even when your phone is idle, you can manually exclude them.

Go to Settings > Battery > tap the three dot menu (top right) > tap Battery Optimization > tap Not Optimized > tap All Apps > select individual apps you want to exclude from Doze mode.

Smart Lock for Passwords

Few things are more annoying than searching out various alpha-numeric characters from your hard-to-guess password on a touch-screen keyboard. A new Marshmallow feature allows you to avoid much of that hassle via a new "Smart Lock for Passwords" feature.

You can access this feature via the aforementioned Google settings menu by going to Settings > Google > Smart Lock for Passwords. Here, you can turn the "Smart Lock" on, which allows "the passwords for your Android apps to be saved to your Google account." This will allow you to store your app passwords on the cloud in a secure central location, which you can access whenever you move to a new device.

On the same page, you'll have the ability to toggle on/off the "Auto sign-in" feature, which will "automatically sign in to apps and websites connected to your account." A little further down the screen, you'll notice a "Never save" area, where you can add exceptions to this rule (that's a good place for your banking apps, for example).

How To Fix Common Google Play Store Errors

Google Play store is an application that comes installed on most of the Android devices, but sometimes, it doesn’t work flawlessly, and the users get some cryptic error messages which they don’t know what they mean. They see some numbers and search for their meaning on the internet, to find solutions for these problems. Below, we’ll tell you about the most common error codes you’ll get on Google Play store and we’ll explain you how to fix them.

Google Play Store Error 403

On a bad day, you might have encountered this error saying The download is impossible and the request is forbidden. This error might be due to multiple issues, but the below fix might save you.


  • Try removing one Google account, if you’re using two accounts on the same device and clear the Play Store search history as well. Now try making the download again to see if the problem still persists.
  • Try using an alternate Google account to download the applications, if it works, try adding the previous account again and reboot the device.
  • It might also be due to bad proxy settings, try clearing or re-entering the proxy of your mobile data connection/WiFi from the settings.
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Google Play Store Error DF-BPA-09

A common error occurs to Android users when they attempt to use Google Play to download apps that says “Error Processing Purchase DF-BPA-09”. The error usually doesn’t allow users to download anything and the problem will reoccur with every attempt.


This issue can be caused by a problem on Google’s end. We’ve seen this error occur to massive amounts of Google Play users about once a month. So it is likely that you may just have to wait until the problem is fixed by Google and try to download an item from Google Play later.

Other times, you may need to clear the data in the Google Services Framework. Follow these steps to see if it works for you.

  • Open the “Settings” app.
  • Tap “Applications“.
  • Select the “All” tab.
  • Locate and tap “Google Services Framework“.
  • Select the “Clear data” button.
Fix Common Google Play Store Errors

Error Code 495

This might imply an issue while downloading or even upgrading apps from the Play Store.


Erase your Google Play Store data. For this go to Settings, next Apps, then All, Google Play Store and look for Clear data. Keep in mind that by performing this action, you will get a new Google ID. The latter step works just like a factory reset move.

So just erase the Google account, restart the device  and add once more your Google account. This is done  in the following way:

  • Settings
  • Accounts
  • Add Account
  • Google Account

Google Play Store Error Code 491

When your Downloads and updates are impossible


First try to remove your Google account by going to the settings for your device, then accounts and Google. Hit remove account. Reboot your Android and add the account once again. Next, in the settings, go to Apps (Applications) and swipe to find ‘All’ of your apps. Scroll down to Google Services, then click clear data and finally force stop.

Google Play Store Error Code 498

Interruption of downloads from the Google Play Store


The problem is that the cache of your device is full. Delete unneeded applications and files. Restart your smartphone in recovery mode by pressing the volume down, power and home buttons (for Samsung devices), or volume down and power (for most other devices).

This mode provides a few more options. Select 'wipe cache partition' by navigating between options with the volume rocker. Confirm using the power button.
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Google Play Store Error Code 941

Interruption during update


  •  Go to Settings > Apps > All > Google Play Store and clear cache and data.
  •  In the same list, scroll down to Download Manager and clear cache and data for that too. Try the update again.

Google Play Store Error Code 921

You get this error when you you can’t download an app.


Try deleting the cache of the Google Play Store application. If this doesn’t work, delete all the Play Store application data, but please note that this will consequently delete all the settings that you’ve already made as well with the update of the Google play store. If the above solution still doesn't solve it then resort to removing your Google account, restart the device and enter it again.
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Google Play Store Error Code 403

The download is impossible and the request is 'forbidden'. This usually happens when two Google accounts are used to buy applications on one device.

Fix 1:

Go the Google Play Store with the correct Google account. Uninstall the application in question. Try to get the app from Google Play again and click the purchase button.

Fix 2:

Clear the proxy you have possibly set up by going into the settings, then choose Wireless and Networks (or More networks) and then Mobile Network. Select APN, which stands for Access Point Name and hit Clear Proxy Option. Afterward you can always reinstate the proxy.

The solutions for the errors described are based on my personal experiences . If you encounter any other problems with Google Play, feel free to comment. 

How To Earn Money With Your Android Smartphone

In young generation recharging phone every day is the biggest issue . So they always be in search of free recharge or extra talk time tricks offers.Now a days, you may often see those free mobile recharge tricks trending on Facebook and other social media.
But, we get to know about these offers only if we are too lucky because these offers are available to specific region and for limited period of time which is not good. So, I am sharing this trick to earn money with your phone in free-time.
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I recently found mcent app is getting popular to earn money online & getting free topup recharge by just installing app through mcent & refer it to friends.

Earn Money With your Android Smartphone

Simple Steps to Use Mcent

  • Install mCent mobile app.
  • Register with your mobile number & enter confirmation code delivered at the mobile number you enter.
  • Now you successfully signed in to mCent. Complete any offer to getting started like installing app & uses it for few days.

You may awarded airtime for a number of kinds of activities, including downloading and using apps, taking surveys, watching videos, signing up for a service, and/or participating in contests. The more you discover, the more you earn! You may also be awarded free mobile recharge for successfully referring your friends to register with and complete mCent offers. and get free mobile recharge.

Download App to Earn

Advantages of Mcent

  • Maximum number of new offers for installing apps.
  • Earn more for keeping the trial app installed on your phone for seven days.
  • Rs. 50 (it may be changed according to time) for each new successful referral.
  • Top Up Starts from Rs. 10 which allows you to instant use of earnings.
  • Recharge any number which you want. Not only your registered number.
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Although the app has some cons along with some serious bugs like not giving the Referral amount every time. But still, you can earn maximum talktime by using this app. I earned Rs. 3126 and have done a top up of Rs. 500 before that. That’s why I recommend you to use this app and also I am giving it a 4.5 star rating.

Best Hidden Features of WhatsApp for Android and PC

WhatsApp is being the best instant messaging app we can find around us for Android as well as for iPhone and other devices. We can extract most out of WhatsApp from its features by unveiling hidden WhatsApp tips and tricks. It makes you technologically sound to know the best tips and tricks of WhatsApp and implement your own hacks on WhatsApp messenger.

Download latest Whatsapp for more security features so that you can protect your information from hackers. Moreover, you can get some more best features with new versions. Now we will look at the best ways, Tricks and Tips to use your WhatsApp on PC, android smartphone or iPhone more effectively.

It’s better if you know all of these best tips and tricks about the whatsapp messenger; you can use these tips and tricks whenever you want them. Do you know that! WhatsApp has not less than 700 million users till date, which shows its unique specialty in social media. So don’t you have eagerness to know all those tips and tricks related to whatsapp for PC/Laptop…? So, in this slate I would like to discuss the best tips and tricks of WhatsApp to make you a good trickster and to use your WhatsApp messenger in a more tricky way. Here we go with the first tip or tweaky trick..
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Disable WhatsApp auto image download

Though earlier, WhatsApp plus app was required to stop automatic downloading of images, videos and audio files but now, WhatsApp has added this option to its settings. So, you can control automatic media files downloading.

Just navigate to Settings -> Chat Settings -> Media auto-download -> Check suitable option at ‘When using mobile data’, ‘When connected’ on Wi-Fi’ and ‘When Roaming’.

Hidden Features of WhatsApp

Backup And Restore of  WhatsApp Chats Conversation

f you wanna Backup your chat conversation when you will change you device, or you wanna format you mobile or android phone, Then you can back up it, It will help you to restore your conversation again, after res installing this great app.
For your Android  Settings > Chat settings and tap Backup conversations
For save this conversation use a file manager and save it like /sd card/WhatsApp/Media.

SpyYourFriend’sWhatsapp Account

Yes it is possible to spy you friends or any others whatsapp account. This is one of the best whatsapp trick 2015 available only in Qd Tricks website. Tracing the chat conversations of your loved ones on their whatsapp account is another most wanted aspect majorly needed by the parents of teen and loving life partners. The urge is to know what they chat and with whom they’re chatting. Well, here’s the best whatsapp trick to do it. they’re chatting. Well, here’s the best whatsapp trick to do it.

It will accord you to read all the chat threads of your target user. Now, Get to know what are they
texting and also flip through their multimedia gallery and check what they’ve been exchanging among their whatsapp contacts along with the date and time stamp.

Change Your Friends’ Profile Picture

Nah, you’ll not be making the change globally, but changing your friend’s profile picture only on your phone is sufficient to scare the hell outta him. Here’s how you can do it.

Choose a profile picture for your friend. Use Google Image search for cute looking monkeys and donkeys or weird looking people.
Resize the image to 561×561 pixels using Paint or Photoshop and name it with your friend’s mobile phone number.
Save the image in SD card -> WhatsApp -> Profile Pictures. Overwrite an existing image if required.
Disable WiFi and data network. If you don’t WhatsApp will automatically update the picture. Now show it to your friend who’ll panic instantly!
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Run Multiple WhatsApp Account on Android

This is most wanted WhatsApp trick as many users have dual-SIM support in their smartphone and they want to run separate WhatsApp account from both SIM card numbers at the same phone.

For this, install SwitchMe App. The app lets you to create separate use profiles on your smartphone which can have different accounts, system settings, apps and data. After installation, open SwitchMe and create a new user profile. Shift to this user profile and you can connect WhatsApp with your second SIM card number.

Some Features of WhatsApp Every User Should Know

For most of us, WhatsApp has become the default go-to messenger, because everyone's on it, and it's on nearly every platform. WhatsApp has over a billion downloads on Google Play alone, the only other messenger to boast that is Facebook Messenger. The app has made itself indispensable by adding a browser version and voice calling to its platform.

For those who have to deal with the app on a daily basis, we've lined up some interesting tricks and tweaks that will improve your user-experience.

Turn Of Auto Image & Video Download

If you are using a limited data plan then this trick will help you to save your data by simply turning off auto download of images and videos.
Just like me if you are a member of many groups and receiving many images and videos daily in groups then it can eat your mobile data very quickly! so why don’t we download things which we actually want to download? for this you need to turn off the auto download option in Whatsapp setting.

To turn off auto download navigate to WhatsApp settings > Chat setting > media auto download and there change setting of auto download as per your requirement.

Features of WhatsApp

Stop Images Showing in Camera Roll

You probably don't want all the images from WhatsApp to appear in your Camera Roll on iOS, or in your Gallery or Photos app on Android.

It's easy to sort on iOS, just go to Settings > Privacy > Photos and toggle WhatsApp off.

On Android, use a file manager like ES File Explorer, and go to sdcard/WhatsApp/Media,then tap New at the bottom left in any folder you don't want shared, and create a file called .nomedia.

Your images won't pop up in the gallery anymore. Woohoo!
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Make Free Video Calls from WhatsApp

Whatsapp has officially introduced the calling feature in the messenger, after so many controversies and scams regarding the calling feature of Whatsapp messenger like in its one of the scams they tell you to visit a link and tell you to invite 10 friends using the same link in order to activate the calling feature on their smart phones.

Change Registered Mobile Number  in WhatsApp

Many a times, we need to change our phone number due to some reasons for e.g. we are migrating to some another state. In this type of situation one is left with two options as far as WhatsApp Messenger is concerned.

That is all for now. Just go through the above tips and tricks of Whatsapp and Do comment below if you have any doubts and keep visiting our website for future updates.

Hide Last Seen Time in WhatsApp

When you look at a contact on WhatsApp there's usually a "last seen" time under their name, which tells you when they last checked the app.

If you don't want people to be able to see when you're using WhatsApp, you can set your "last seen" to Nobody. Go to Settings > Account > Privacy, but be aware that it will also prevent you from being able to see other people's last seen time. You can also hide your profile photo, status, and turn off read receipts in the Privacy menu.

Disable media to save on cellular bandwidth

WhatsApp lets you specify what you would like downloaded on mobile data and when connected to Wi-Fi.

Go to Settings, Chat Settings, Media Auto-Download to specify when you want images, audio and videos to be downloaded to your phone.
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Keep the whatsapp application locked

WhatsApp doesnt meet the expense of a built-in password or fix, you can use third party apps bearing in mind Messenger and Chat Lock, Lock for WhatsApp and Secure Chat if you use an Android phone.This will upholding you from exposing your private chats,photos and videos from others who steal your smartphone or acceptance to it from you.

Create Shortcuts For Important Contacts

Want to speed up your WhatsApp communication? How about creating a shortcut to your favorite Whatsapp contact or group straight from your homescreen?

On Android, this is as simple as long pressing on the group or contact you want to create a shortcut for. When the menu pops up, just tap on Add conversation shortcut. This will create a shortcut to the contact or group you have chosen right on your homescreen.

Tricks to Charge Your Android Phone Faster

Not all charging is equal. If your smartphone (or tablet) is low on battery and you only have a limited amount of time to charge it, here’s how you can get the most juice possible.

These tips should work for practically anything that charges via USB, including cameras, peripherals, and any other device you might have.

Always use the wall charger

Using your computer or laptop to charge your smartphone is not particularly an efficient way. Almost all laptops and PCs nowadays come with a USB 2.0 port that is only capable of delivering up to 0.5A of power. For comparison, most high-end smartphones now ship with chargers that are capable of delivering up to 2A of power.
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Thus, if you want are looking for the fastest way to charge your Android smartphone, always use a wall charger.

Charge Your Android Phone Faster

Get into airplane mode

The less your phone has to do, the more quickly it’ll recharge – so at the very least, enable airplane mode on your device to speed up charging. Depending on your device, there could be various ways to get to this. For example, on my Nexus 5, I simply long press on the power button, and select airplane mode when it appears. You can also go into the Quick Settings, by swiping down with two fingers. Every device is different, but you most likely know how to turn it on. Airplane mode blocks any wireless radios on your device, which means you won’t receive any calls, messages, internet access etc, but it’s all worth it when you think you’ll have a device that will still be on for the next few hours.

Don't use wireless charging

Wireless charging has still not become mainstream, but certain high-end Android devices do come with this feature built-in. While there is no denying the fact that wireless charging is convenient, you should also keep in mind that it is slower than the traditional wired charger. Wireless charging is best suited for situations when you just want to top up your phone’s battery at a leisurely pace.

Switch off unnecessary features

Check to see if you have any unnecessary features on, such as Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi or NFC. Close all your apps and stop your phone from doing any automatic backups or updating apps from the Google Play Store.
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Don’t switch it off

One tip that most people tend to know and follow to quickly charge their device, is to switch it off. This reduces the additional battery drain from the modem and other components of the smartphone, which in turn allows the handset to charge faster. While this tip might have been true for phones launched in the early 2000s, the benefit of following this method with today’s smartphones are almost negligible.

Most Useful Secret Features of Android 5.0 Lollipop

Android 5.0 Lollipop has arrived with the Nexus 9 and Nexus 6 and is rolling out to thousands of devices.If you’re preparing yourself for your Android Lollipop update, or you’re just getting to grips with the OS on your new tablet or smartphone, there might be a few things you’re still unsure about. The new Google OS has a host of new features that add to, and improve, previous versions – but they might not be immediately obvious So to help you along, I’ve rounded up the best tips and tricks for Android 5.0 Lollipop.Here are some secret features of Android Lollipop which the Google has brought in its latest operating system.

Secret Features of Android 5.0 Lollipop

Smart lock

You can unlock your device with a bluetooth or NFC enabled device like your car stereo, your smartwatch or even an NFC sticker. If your handset or tablet is near your bluetooth enabled device, it will recognise that it’s a trusted source and unlock automatically. To turn this on, go to Settings > Security > Smart Lock and add your bluetooth device.
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Guest Mode

You can make multiple user accounts on Android but now a new option called “Guest Mode” is available. This mode creates a clean, safe and disposable work-space which anyone can use. It is available for both phones and tablets.

Screen Pinning

Screen Pinning is a security feature without this may be our Top 10 Features, Hidden Tips & Tricks of Android Lollipop 5.0 would be incomplete. This time Google take security to different level. The new feature allows the user to pin the individual screen to your device. When this security option is enabled no app or setting can be opened besides the pinned screen.This feature could very helpful when someone borrows your smartphone. To enable or understand this feature follow the steps.

Face Unlock

Google has tweaked face unlock feature in Lollipop so that it works fast and smooth. This feature did not work well in previous versions. Face unlock features runs silently as you power on and by the time you see your locked screen notifications, it has already unlocked the phone.

Search Settings

Most of you are aware of Google Now feature. This feature also works same but as you know Google Now needs an active connection on the other side the new search option works without internet. Actually this is a new function which lets you easily find the apps, settings etc. in your smartphone. You can find magnifying glass search icon in top right corner. It will same works like search box just type it what you want to find.

Organize your screen with folders

The Android Lollipop 5.0 allows you to organize the screen of your device with folders as well. It’s a pretty simple procedure. Google’s latest operating system has a new feature which helps you to organize your screen with folders. You will have many apps at the finger touch after adding similar themed apps jointly. You can do this without making a contact with pages and pages of app icons. Just press long on an app, drag it onto another app icon and then it will create a folder automatically. You can also change the name of the folder as well.

hidden lollipop features

Do Not Disturb

Do not disturb is very easy to set up, it turns your device’s volume up or down as it uses rocker switch on the side of your device, it will ask you about the notification of specific or all. Tap none option and your device will set to no notifications, and then you will not be disturbed by, texts, calls and even alarms. After Tapping the priority option you will be updated only particular notifications which you set as priority. To get all the notifications just tap cog wheel and then you will be able to get all the notifications once again. Each of above settings in “ Do not Disturb” can be selected to work for a specific time or for an indefinite period as well.
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Third party flashlight/torch apps have been very popular and a must download, making handy use of the camera's LED flash – for devices with one anyway. Well Google's gone and made this a standard feature of Lollipop so you don't need an app anymore. The flashlight is found in the notifications bar.

Magnification gestures

Also in the Accessibility settings is the option to turn on magnification gestures. When on you can triple tap the screen to zoom in and out. While zoomed in you can drag two fingers to pan and pinch to adjust the zoom level. You can also temporarily magnify whats under your finger by triple tapping and holding. It works everywhere apart from the keyboard and navigation bar.

Things To Do Before Installing a Custom ROM on your Android Device

Most of the Android users for their devices so that they can get rid of the old and monotonous and the slow stock ROMs,  full of bloat ware.  And install a custom ROM in their devices. But there are many things that you might need to know and do before you flash a ROM on your Android device. This is a small post which would’ve help you do that.

Before Installing a Custom ROM

Backup your Apps, Contacts

The first thing that you should do before installing a custom ROM is to backup your applications, data, contacts, messages, etc. By backing up your phone, you won’t lose your important data when something happen during the procedure.
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Don’t forget to wipe

Don’t just boot into recovery and install a custom ROM — your device will have a high chance of getting stuck in a boot loop. You need to first wipe the /data partition, which contains all your installed apps. You can do this in your custom recovery by using the wipe data/factory reset option or by going into Wipe and swiping the arrow at the bottom to the right.

Find A Good ROM

Unless you are on a geek, and change ROMs just for fun, play with them and just change it again. Then no need. Or if you rarely change your ROM. Then first of all you should make sure that the ROM is completely stable and has no bugs. Or else you would have to change it again. You could find it by reading the developer comments, with the ROM. You can find a number of stable and good roms, no matter what device you own.
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Turn on the USB Debugging mode

USB debugging mode is a mode to facilitate a connection between an Android device and a computer with Android SDK. Before an app like One-click-root can dig into your system and grant the access to your device, USB debugging is necessary to allow that function in the first place.
That’s is why, whenever you want to perform such task, it is highly recommended that you turn on the USB Debugging mode from ‘Developer Options’ under Settings of your device.

On Android phones with Jelly Bean 4.2 and higher, the Developer Options are hidden by default and it can only be accessed by tapping 7 times on ‘Build Version’ from Settings -> About.


Also while analyzing the ROM, you must also take care of the Kernel you are using. If you are using a Stock Kernel, make sure whether the ROM is compatible with the stock Kernel. Or in the case of a custom Kernel, you again have to make sure that the device would work with the custom ROM and the Custom Kernel. Of you do not do so, you might brick your device. Although you could recover from it, using the Download or the Fastboot mode, but still as it is said that prevention is better than cure.

Google Play Store Tips and Tricks Every Android User Should Know

Google Play Store is one of the main reason that people choose Android devices. There are number of great apps, widgets and games you'll found in play store, along with it there are plenty of tips and tricks that you might no know. However, only few users know that the capability of Google Play store isn’t just limited to the content or mobile apps. Apart from being an app store, it is an invaluable tool to manage your android device automatic software updates, notification settings for various apps and services and an overall personalization of your device. In this article we will share top Google play store tips and tricks that will amaze you with its benefits and will help you to improve your Android experience.

Google Play Store Tips and Tricks

1. Install an app not available in your country

If you're really keen to get an app that's not available in your country (or spotted it for cheaper in another country's Play Store, you sly old dog), then you can still get your hands on it.

Install a VPN app, like Hideninja, Shellfire or Tunnelbear VPN, which will mask your IP address and give you remote IP address in a country of your choice.
Next, select the country whose Play Store you want to access in the VPN app, get the VPN up and running, then open the Play Store app. It should land on the Play Store homepage of the country you selected.
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2. Manage your devices via the Web

In addition to accessing the on-device app store, you can reach Google Play via your Web browser. The Web interface offers an array of options that aren’t available through the Android-based app store, including the ability to see and manage all of the Android devices associated with your Google account.

To see a list of all your Android devices, visit Google Play at Click a content option in the vertical menu on the left side to see a Settings icon that looks like a small gear in the top-right of your display. Click that icon to view a list of your registered devices. (If you don’t see the Settings icon, try choosing another content option from the content menu.)

To change the name of a device in the list, click the Edit option, type the new name in the Nickname text field, and click Update to save your changes.

3. Get  A Parental Controls On Google Play

With the help of parental control you can restrict the content you can download or purchase from Google Play on your device.

  • Open the play store app
  • On left corner of the screen you'll see a Menu icon tap on it
  • Now tap on settings> Parental controls and tap the slider to turn it 'ON'
  • Create a parental lock PIN code (In case you forgot the pin, you can remove the parental lock by clearing the Plat Store app's data)
  • Choose filters, the things you can download on the Play Store and tap on the ones you wan to set restrictions for
  • Now every time you try to download the restricted apps you need to enter your PIN

4. Automatically Updating and Installed Apps on Your Devices

Fed-up with application update push notifications and want some solution? Don’t worry, Google play store has this solution. By following simple steps explained below will enable auto update for all applications installed in your android device. Here is the brief about the settings in the Google Play store which allow you to automatically update all your apps and games and you wouldn’t receive regular notifications for manual updates.
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Open your Google android device and click on menu (three vertical dots) available on top right corner and click on Setting tab. Now click on General setting where you will find option “Auto update apps”, tick the option and its done.
  • Go to Settings > General Settings > Auto-update Apps.

5. Install and Manage your Apps via the Web Interface

As explained in above options, if you want to install or manage your app from web browser, this functionality is for you. It is easier to review apps before installing if you are on a web browser rather than from your device interface. The Install or Buy button available with each app makes it easier to select and send the app to your device.

If you are using multiple android devices, this functionality will help you to send same application in multiple devices using web interface. Sometime it happens that, while surfing online we found some interesting application to use. Such apps can be directly installed in your devices from website itself.

Best 5 Things Every Android Owner Should Try

If you've got an Android phone, be it a Nexus 5 or a Galaxy Note 4, there are all kinds of cool things you can do with it. In your Android device you can do a lot more things. There are a lot of kinds cool features of Android from custom ROMs to alternative launchers, apps, LED notifications, gesture controls, icon packs etc.So here in this post I will show you 5 Awesome things you can do with your Android.

Best 5 Things Every Android Owner Should Try

Optimize your Android Battery

  • Turn unnecessary hardware radios off
  • Use the extra power saving mode if you have it
  • Trim apps running in the background
  • Dump unnecessary home screen widgets and live wallpaper
  • Turn down the brightness and turn off Automatic Brightness
  • Update your apps
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Set up Android Device Manager

Android Device Manager is not pre-installed for every device.It is a great apps to track your phone,remotely lock it,erase everything on the storage and even send a screen message.

Set up Android Device Manager

Setup lock screen security

If your adventurous nature stops a little short of implanting an NFC chip in your person, the next best thing to do is setup your lock screen security. I am forever surprised by just how many of my friends don't have lock screen security set up.
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If you lose your phone or have it stolen do you really want that thief to have access to all the intimate corners of your smartphone? No? Then set up a pattern or PIN lock right now. Just go to Settings > Security > Screen lock or on some devices Settings > Lock Screen to set up your preferred type of lock screen security. Seriously, do it right now.

Use Google Now as your personal assistant

Along with answering user-initiated queries, Google Now proactively delivers to users information that it predicts (based on their search habits) they may want.It is like your virtual personal assistant which always helps you to find the information quickly and easily.But it can do so much more than that.Like if you want to set alarm you don’t need to open the app just sy google to wake you up after two hours it it will set the alarm.

Pushbullet everything

There aren't too many apps that I think absolutely everyone should use, because everyone has different tastes, needs and habits. But Pushbullet is different. Everyone, and I mean everyone, should be using it. 

You can push links on your phone to your tablet, links from your PC to your phone or links from your phone to all of your devices. Copying and pasting URLs is like, so 1999. Pushbullet also notifies you of SMS or calls on your PC and you can transfer files between all of your devices with Pushbullet too.

How To Use Whatsapp On Tablet(without voice-calling) Without Sim Card

If you own an android smart phone then you are definitely using Whatsapp messenger. Whatsapp is a free messaging app for android with which you can send text messages and media files like images, audio files and video files. Whatsapp requires an android phone with SIM support. Also you require a working phone number to use it. Whatsapp currently doesn’t support android tablets, but in this tutorial I will teach you to install Whatsapp on android tablets.

There are many tablets without sim card like Micromax Funbook, iBall Tablets, Samsung Tablets (Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1), etc. There is a tiny trick you need to follow for using WhatsApp on Tablet without a sim card, So let's learn the trick and Install WhatsApp on Tablet with no sim card.
Use Whatsapp On Tablet Without Sim Card

Install Whatsapp on Tablet with no sim card :

  1. Go to Google play store and download WhatsApp Messenger on your tablet.
  2. Now, Open WhatsApp, It will ask you to enter phone number, Enter phone number on which you want to activate WhatsApp messenger. (It should not be currently in use in any other device.)
  3. WhatsApp will say, "We have sent an SMS to your number, We will automatically detect that and let you know when we are done."
  4. Now you'll receive a SMS to a phone number which you've entered, Now, Delete it ! No use of that message :-D
  5. Whatsapp will try to detect SMS for 5 minutes but it can't detect it :D ! It will show you a message that SMS is not detected and then It will display the option to "Verify number by a call".
  6. Now, What you're waiting ? :-D ! Tap on that button.
  7. Then you should receive a call from WhatsApp on a mobile number which you've entered.
  8. In that call, A voice will tell you verification code, Listen it carefully.
  9. Now, Enter that code to your tablet and tap on verify button.
  10. Guess what ? You're done buddy, Now you can use Whatsapp on tablet without sim card.
Now you have successfully installed Whatsapp on Wi-Fi only android tablets with no SIM support. To add contacts in Whatsapp just save the contacts list on your tablet and refresh the list in Whatsapp. Now you will need a working data network for sending and receiving messages on Whatsapp. You can use your smart phone’s network on your tablet via Wi-Fi hotspot, see this tutorial. Now Whatsapp will work on your android tablet. - See more at:

How to Hide WhatsApp Images & Videos from Gallery

WhatsApp is a most popular messaging app for Smartphones. As we all know WhatsApp is providing services of sharing Images, Videos, Audios and much more with your contacts. When you download any media from WhatsApp it can be see into Android Gallery. This will let everyone who got their hands on your mobile to view your picture and video messages. Of-course, there is an app to lock whatsapp with a password, which can be found on the PlayStore for free. However, doing so will not be always ideal, as you may hurt your friends’ feelings. In such cases, the following trick will come handy.

Instead of protecting your WhatsApp with a secure password, you can easily hide Whatsapp images/videos from showing up in the Gallery. Since, your friends will only look up for the media files using the Gallery, they won't find any of your WhatsApp files and that safeguards your privacy.

How to Hide WhatsApp Images & Videos in Gallery?

The process differs from iOS to Android and so I've enclosed the details for both the mobile platforms. Go ahead and make your WhatsApp images/videos disappear from the Gallery.

For iOS Users :

If you are iPhone user then hide WhatsApp images by going to your privacy setting > photos > turn WhatsApp off.
Hide WhatsApp Images & Videos in iOS

For Android OS Users :

The steps for hiding WhatsApp media files from your Android phone’s Gallery is slightly different from the iOS users. Unlike the iPhone users, the Android mobile users don’t have any direct option to do so.
Hide WhatsApp Images & Videos from Gallery in Android

Of-course, there is always a workaround for every such problem.

  1. On your Android mobile, open any File Manager application like ES File Explorer (recommended).
  2. Go to SD Card > WhatsApp > Media.
  3. In the 'Media' folder, you'll find all your WhatsApp media files like audio messages, videos, images, voice calls etc... Now, tap on the folder named 'WhatsApp Images' for a few seconds, which then brings you a pop-up with some options. Select 'rename' and insert a ‘.’ (dot) in front of the folder's name. It now looks like: .WhatsApp Images
  4. Similarly, perform the same action for the 'WhatsApp video' folder.

Your WhatsApp images and videos will now be completely hidden from your mobile phone's gallery. In case, you wanted to revert the changes, simply remove the dot (.) before the folder's name