How To Watch Movies and TV Shows on Android for Free

Thinking of tossing your cable box or ditching your satellite dish? If so, good news: many of your favourite shows are (probably) available for free on your Android phone or tablet. All you need are the right apps.

Most of the big broadcast and cable TV networks are offering free streaming apps for Android, complete with full episodes of their most popular shows—everything from About a Boy and America’s Next Top Model to Duck Dynasty and Scandal.

We have collected the best android apps  to watch Live TV shows and Movies from the Google Play store, that offer at least some of their full episodes without verifying a cable or satellite subscription, or requiring any other sort of payment beyond sitting through a few advertisements. Indeed, some of the best apps on our list serve up all their episodes for free, no pay-TV login required.

Watch Movies and TV Show with Android

1. Hulu

It was only in recent months that Hulu brought its streaming service to Android, which lets users watch premium TV shows and movies on their smartphones or tablets without paying a subscription fee. Hulu comes packed with current and classic TV shows, Hulu originals, movies and plenty of Kids shows, making it a perfect family tablet companion. Of course, if you want full access to the Hulu library you will need to pay a 7.99 USD monthly fee, but there are plenty of gems to find in the free version too!
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2. Viggle

Get rewards for Watching TV shows in Viggle. So watching TV programs in your android phone will not be wasting time that will be earning time.Just check your TV programs with Viggle and get reward points from brands like Best Buy, Burger King, Fandango, Old Navy and more.  Automatically Viggle can identify the TV Show you are watching  and will give the reward points.

You can use this reward points with Best Buy and etc..or you can convert it into charitable donations.

3. Flipps HD

Flipps is a nifty app which not only allows you to watch some great movies on your smartphone/tablet but also on your TV. That’s right, stream media on your phone and watch on your TV; this is some futuristic technology right here.

The movie collection is good, nothing impressive but will keep you entertained for a very long time. The streams take a bit of time to load, but I blame my shoddy internet connection for that. The quality of the streams however is incredible, incredible enough to look great on a big TV screen.


The Android SPB TV app is not necessarily region specific, offering content from around the world via a selection of weird and wonderful stations. It’s not the kind of app you will use to watch the latest Hollywood blockbuster, and you won’t find NBC or Showtime on there, but if you want to take a chance on a wild card then this is it. Be warned, however, a few of the stations definitely appear to be of a more adult nature.
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5. Crackle – Movies & TV

You can watch Movies absolutely free. Crackle is the Entertainment Android App from the Top developer of Google Play Store. You can watch free Movies and TV shows in your Android phone. Unlike other apps, you don’t have to sign up with fee to watch Movies and TV shows.

Watch full length and un cut movies and also watch full TV series shows.


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