Top 5 Best RPG Games for Android Smartphones and Tablets

Looking for free RPG games? These are the best free RPG games for Android phones and tablets. With these cool titles, you can explore worlds of magic and myth without breaking the bank. If you need to escape from the boredom and stress of the real world, these immersive games are must-haves for your Android device. These five games are fun, free, and fantastic, so you should definitely check them out.

Best RPG Games for Android Smartphones

Kritika: The White Knights

Kritika: The White Knights is a typical action RPG that full of violence and slaughter. The gameplay is kind of similar to Dark Avenger, but more simple. The graphic and skill effects follow the style of Gamevil games – refreshing and exquisite with some Anime style. In the game, you will enter a world called Kyrenia which was controlled by violence ruler Caleb. In order to overturn the tyranny, you should become an intrepid Berserkers, or agile Cat Acrobat, or other to fight against Caleb. The game provides 3 modes: Stage Mode allows players to train their characters by endless brawls, PvP modes provide the places for players to battle with others online and Monster Wave asks players to defeat various monsters in the limited time.
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Soul Seeker

Soul Seeker is an action-rpg from developer Com2US. It definitely hits on specific points that make it an enjoyable action-rpg experience with exciting battles, item collection and item crafting, tons of worlds to explore with over 200 collectible and playable characters. This is one action-rpg worth a go.

MARVEL Future Fight

Future Fight is not only a game for die-hard Marvel fans, but one I would encourage all hack and slash fans to give a chance. While it may lack depth in certain areas, it's fun, looks great, and easy to pick up and play while having a bearable free to play model, not something I would say for most of Future Fight's competition.

Order & Chaos Online

For you MMORPG fans wondering if we would include something for you, your time has come. Order & Chaos Online is a masterpiece MMORPG on Android and definitely the one we’d recommend to anyone looking for an MMORPG adventure. The graphics are above average, the game play is pretty simple to learn, and people in the game are generally pretty friendly. In fact, while I was testing this game, someone randomly came up and saved my life from an enemy that someone at my level had no business fighting. As I say in the video, thank you again random online person!
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Ben 10 Xenodrome Plus

Ben 10 Xenodrome is an absorbing Sci-FI fighting with the fighters from Ultimate Alien, the popular series about aliens. Transform and upgrade your fighter and send him to battle. Improve your character, extracting DNA of rivals defeated in battles. There are 100 battle fields, created after serial, 16 characters, featuring unique skills, turn-based combat system and network play, where you can play against your friends in Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: Xenodrome.


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