Best free Action Adventure Games for Android

When looking at having some fun with your Android smart phone or tablet, action and adventure games are easy choices for some instant satisfaction. Some are first person or second person shooters where you plan your attack and then execute it with violence of action. With other games that include an RPG or more tactical element, you have to consider what will be your best strategy that will lead to success.To help you in your gaming journey, we have put together our list of the Best Action Adventure Games for Android that we have come across recently.
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Assassin’s Creed Pirates

Assassin’s Creed Pirates

Assassin’s Creed Pirates is an old school premise wrapped in a more modern skin. It’s your age old treasure hunt story where you must be the captain of your ship, do battle with other ships, and find the hidden treasure. It’s free to play which is nice and the graphics are phenomenal for a mobile game. The game play is also touch screen friendly and simple to pick up and play. Naval adventure games aficionados look no further. This is what you’re looking for.

Shiney the Firefly

Developed specifically for Tegra K1 devices like the Nvidia Shield tablet, Shiney the Firefly takes place in an adorable and picturesque garden. Players help Shiny, a cute little firefly, find his babies. Fly, run, hide, and defend Shiny against a variety of enemies hungry toads, mischievous plants, endlessly long centipedes and many other garden inhabitants. Test both your reflexes as your intellect as you make your way through the colorful garden using Shiney's ability to shine - as babies can only follow him when he's lit up. But shining also lets your enemies know where you are.

The Silent Age

Frankly, if we had to pick just one single adventure game, it would be this one - The Silent Age. Some of the competing games mentioned below might offer more elaborate graphics, but this game has a great idea and it is created really well.
This point and click adventure game, The Silent Age, takes you into the world of the future, where mankind has died out. But the game does not rely only on one time period: During the game, your hero can travel in time, or, to be more exact, can travel between two time periods - the golden 70's and the future. This option not only adds to the attractivity of the story, but also allows to innovatively overcome obstacles that you, or, in fact, the hero, encounters.
A mysterious man dying shortly after the beginning of the game warns the hero that terrible things are coming, and begs him to stop them. Joe, the main hero, gets a time travel machine from him. When he uses it later, it gets him into the future - without people. What has happened? And why? It has yet to be uncovered.
The first episode of the game is free, the second one is paid. The second episode is now the part of the app with the first episode, so it is available for purchase directly from the application.
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Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series

Based on the hit HBO television series, Game of Thrones tells the story of House Forester, a noble house on the brink of ruin amid circumstances beyond their control. Told from multiple points of view, this episode series features characters voiced by the actual cast of the show, and every decision you make will impact how the things play out later on. With tales of murder, intrigue, honor, and intrigue all playing out at once, the game can be just as riveting as the show itself.

Grand Theft Auto III

Grand Theft Auto III for mobile devices came out as a 10th year anniversary of this game’s original release back in 2001. Drive, shoot and fight your way through the world as you steal cars and try to outrun the law. All the elements of the original game are present in this mobile version that runs very nicely on a smartphone.


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