How To Get Back Warranty after Rooting Your Android Device

Rooting your android phone may give you increase in performance potentially. Gaining root access actually give you full ownership of your phone, by giving you access to system files. But various mobile phone manufacturers doesn't think in this way, by their terms and condition, rooting your android phone may void your manufacturer’s warranty.

Get Back Warranty after Rooting

How to Unroot your android device

STOCK Rom Users

Unrooting your device is a easy process and it only takes few minutes. If you have root access, then you may have SuperSU installed , if not then download and install SuperSU from Google play store . To Unroot through SuperSU, steps are below….
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supersu unroot
  1. Open SuperSU and slide to settings.
  2. Now scroll down to CLEANUP section, there you will find a option to Full unroot .
  3. Click on Full unroot, a warning will appear, click on continue, this will wipe the root access from your device.
  4. After few seconds the app will auto close .
  5. Now restart your device and uninstall SuperSU from your device .

Your device is now unrooted, enjoy your device with warranty.

Custom Rom Users

If you are a custom Rom user then you must follow these to get back warranty.
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Custom Rom Users Unrooting
  1. Format your phone
  2. Download Odin 3.09
  3. Google Samsung <your model no.> <your country> Odin package
  4. Download the package and unpack it.
  5. You will find three files in the package namely PDA*****.tar.md5 , MODEM*****.tar.md5 and CSC*****.tar.md5
  6. Go into Download mode in your phone(Switch off your phone and press and hold Home + Power + Volume down buttons simultaneously)
  7. A screen will appear as shown in first screenshot(Don’t press anything)
  8. Open Odin.exe and connect your phone to the PC/Laptop
  9. Press Volume Up button in your phone and a screen appears on your phone as Downloading(2nd screenshot)
  10. Load all the three packages as shown in the screenshot and don’t tick/untick any options in Odin.
  11. Press Start in Odin and wait till it shows PASS
Done. You got your warranty back!


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