How to Control Computers Remotely with your Android Phone

There must have been countless times when you have settled down on the sofa to watch a film, only to realise that you have left your computer switched on unnecessarily in the other room. Or you may have your computer connected to your TV and are looking for an easy way to control playback that doesn’t involve the mouse and keyboard.

These are just a couple of scenarios in which TeamViewer for Remote Control would prove incredibly useful. It is a free remote access app that enables you to control your PC or Mac from your Android device and work on your computer as if you were sitting in front of it.
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Control Computers Remotely

  • Make sure both the computer and the phone are connected to the Internet.
  • Open TeamViewer on the computer.
  • Note down the ID and password that's displayed in TeamViewer - or have someone tell it to you on phone.
  • Fire up TeamViewer on the smartphone or tablet.
  • Enter the ID and password you noted down earlier in the smartphone/ tablet TeamViewer app.
  • Tap Remote Control.

After you are connected to the computer, you can drag the mouse pointer on the screen using your finger. To click an element on the computer screen tap single finger at the appropriate location on the android screen.

If you need to input some text using the keyboard, or you want to perform the right-click operation, you can do that using the respective buttons at the bottom of the app screen. The app supports pinch to zoom and two fingers scrolling if your device supports multi touch.
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To configure the quality of the remote connection from the application settings, remove the wallpaper and enable UDP connection for best connection speed between the android and the computer. You can configure the settings from the desktop application as well.

There are many more remote connection apps that let you control your computer via your phone or tablet, but we picked TeamViewer because it is extremely easy to use, as you can see from the steps above. TeamViewer is also free for personal use, so that's an added advantage.


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