Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Special Tips and Tricks

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus has a long name and a long list of things it can do. Just like the original Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, the Plus version has dual “Edge” displays. The Plus can do everything that the original S6 Edge could do, plus a few more neat tricks.

Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Edge packs everything that’s great about the flagship Galaxy S6 into an even more desirable body. But the curved display isn’t just about an eye-catching aesthetic, it can also be used in a variety of clever ways. We’ve got a range of Galaxy S6 Edge tips that will help you get to grips with the basics, and uncover a few interesting features that you may not yet have mastered.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Set a primary side for the Edge Display

Before we get into the hardcore tips you want to pick a side for the Edge display. Whichever side you pick is where all the cool tricks will appear. It can be on either the left or right side, but not both.
  • Go to Settings > Edge screen
  • Scroll down to Edge screen position
  • Choose your Edge screen side
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You can also choose where the Edge screen “handle” will appear. The handle is a small semi-transparent tab that makes it easier to swipe open the Edge screen menu. Drag it to you desired location and decide when you want it to appear.

Manage your Edge notifications

Once you've set up your People Edge contacts, the next thing to do is decide if you want to see all missed communications from them or only some. In the Edge screen settings you can decide to enable Email, Missed Calls and Messages. At present there is no option for other apps, but we're sure that feature is coming.

Go to Settings > Edge Screen > Select Notifications and check the boxes next to those notification types that you'd like to see appear in your People Edge notifications.

How to set up Information Stream

Information Stream gives you little tidbits of information that you can access by swiping across the edge of the display when the screen is turned off. In order to set up and customize this feature, you’ll need to go to Settings, then select Edge screen. Once you select Information stream, you can set up which feeds you’d like the edge screen to show such as Twitter notifications, Yahoo News, sports scores and even your missed calls. If the stock feeds aren’t interesting enough, you can download additional feeds by selecting the Download feeds option in the Manage feeds menu. On the top of each feed in the Manage feeds section, just select whichever ones you’d like to show on your edge screen.

You can even choose the duration for which the edge screen will stay lit, by selecting Edge screen timeout in the Information stream menu.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus

Show a night clock on the Edge screen at night

One cool thing you might not know about the Edge display is that it’s possible to use it as a night clock! The time will display in low illumination at night, and thanks to the AMOLED display’s ability to turn on only the pixels it needs it sips next to nothing from the battery.

The only problem is you’ll need to enable this feature as it’s not enabled by default, though that’s no big task. Venture to Settings > Edge screen > Night clock and make sure the setting is set to “On.” From there, you can use the controls to specify a block of time when the night clock is enabled, up to a maximum of 12 hours.
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Add a live wallpaper to one or both of your edge

Add a little pizzazz to your home screen with a cool animation along the edges. Just download the S6 Edge HD Live Wallpaper app from Google Play to get started. Once installed, open the app and pick the type of animation, background color, speed, type of motion, and whether you want it to appear on the left, right, or both edges. Then tap on Go, and the wallpaper will be enabled. Your selected animation will appear on all home screens, including the lock screen. Just open the app again to make any changes. The only negative is that it will replace your entire wallpaper, but you can choose what color you want it to be. It’s still a cool way to show off your edginess.


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