Top 5 Best Anti Virus Software for Windows PC

We all are aware that like its predecessor Windows 7, Windows 10 doesn’t make it a must for you to install an antivirus on your system for you to use it efficiently. The Microsoft Windows 10 comes preinstalled with a built-in antivirus software known as the Windows Defender. The question that come to the top at this moment is that is the software really good enough, so that you could rely entirely on it for protecting your system?

For those who are unaware of the Windows Defender, it is basically the latest version of the Microsoft Security Essentials, which was a free antivirus program that was offered in Windows 7 operating system. This software is now built-in and guarantees baseline protection in the system running Window 10 operating system.

Windows Defender along with the Windows SmartScreen that was first launched in the Windows 8 should be enough for protecting your computer if you combine a bit of common sense along with certain well-known security practices.

But, if you are more into downloading unknown content from the web along with pirated software then you must go for other third party antivirus apps.

Best Anti Virus Software for Windows


Bitdefender is one of the best Antivirus program that offers both free and paid solutions for the users. If you just need good malware protection on your PC, then Bitdefender’s free edition will do a great job of protecting you against the latest threats. However, if you want full protection including online protection and encrypted data transmission, then you will have to pay for it.

In the latest test results from AV-TEST, Bitdefender has a perfect score and they have stayed above 98% average in all the tests since 2010. Bitdefender is also known for having a very simple setup process and being light on the resources. Bitdefender is the go to solution for everyone who need a simple antivirus program that offers optimum protection.
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Although it does not claim it to be a complete online protection package, McAfee does include a generous set of features. In a test conducted by AV-security, the software got exposed to a hundred and thirty-eight trials of zero-day vulnerabilities; McAfee stopped all of them. But that’s not all; it also discovered some nineteen thousand additional viruses lurking on the web. As with any antivirus, McAfee gives its users full control over scanning and one can also choose real-time protection of everything, or you can simply set its limit to programs and individual files. However, by adding the full protection suite, or as they call it the “total protection” plan, one can gain the means to guard your identity and block spam and dangerous emails.

360 Total Security

Qihoo 360 Technology is a leading Chinese security company with hundreds of millions of users for its desktop and antivirus products. Install the free, feature-packed 360 Total Security and you'll soon understand why.

The program offers no less than four antivirus engines, for example: Bitdefender, Avira, and two of the company's own. Perhaps inevitably this slows down scanning, with 360 Total Security taking twice as long to check our system as some of the competition.

It's also prone to false positives, but the independent testing labs show 360 Total Security is merciless with malware, and one of the market leaders in detecting and removing threats.

You also get capable antiphishing, network threat blocking, online shopping protection, a Windows update checker, USB drive tools and more. Bonus modules include a boot optimiser which highlights unnecessary Windows startup programs, and a clean-up tool which wipes away junk files.

The 360 Total Security interface isn't always straightforward, and there's no real documentation to explain how things work. The extras vary considerably in quality (CCleaner found more than twice the amount of junk files on our test PC), and it's not very configurable, either.

Still, 360 Total Security's excellent malware detection is what really matters here, and that alone makes the package well worth a closer look.

AVG Antivirus

Definitely, AVG antivirus is one of the most popular best Free Antivirus software, AVG needs no reckoning. Furthermore, the 2016 version has been revamped to provide a better user interface, a cloud-based scanning system and the ability to block infected links besides the usual detection and eradication of viruses. It is also one of the smallest Antiviruses and also provides script malware protection. Besides, protection against the malware, it also provides website ratings which make makes it easier for a user to decide if the website is safer to access or not.

The excess of advertisements may prove to be irksome. Phishing protection could be improved as well.
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Kaspersky Anti-Virus

Newly released, Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2016 is fully functional with Windows 10 and ranks at the top of the list among the best anti-virus programs available. Renowned for rapid scan times, intuitive user interface and top-notch malware protection, the 2016 edition of Kaspersky packs a slightly revamped layout and is easily installed. It costs $39.99 to $59.98 for one to three years of protection for one to three PCs, as of this writing.

In addition to malware detection and virus removal, Kaspersky also provides phishing protection that not only prevents you from inadvertently downloading malware but also steers you away from websites that can steal your personal and banking information. A feature called On-Screen Keyboard that disables any undetected keyloggers from capturing passwords and login information. Additional tools include remote management tools and the ability to create a bootable rescue disk.


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